Demand for Pulitzer designs swamps local Target stores

Demand for Pulitzer designs swamps local Target stores Live

Jessica Bock took this picture at the Hampton Village Target store on Sunday morning. 
by bomalley

Target stores - and the company's website - were swamped Sunday morning as crowds tried to snap up designs from the Lilly Pulitzer line of clothes, shoes and accessories.

Target's website was having issues this morning, and many items were sold out online - and after stores opened, more items quickly sold out, reported the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The newspaper reported that Target has no plans today to restock items for online purchases.

Tweets from across the country documented the excitement.

These are from St. Louis.

Ian Mackie was at the Brentwood Target store.

And the disappointment:

Bottom line: 

-- Beth O'Malley, @PDBeth


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