Weatherbird's top tweets: #STLtranslations, crime and flags

Weatherbird's top tweets: #STLtranslations, crime and flags Live

Besides gracing the front page of the newspaper since 1901, I also spend time watching Twitter. Here’s some notable tweets from the week.

This week, #STLtranslations trended as St. Louisans explained phrases residents use.

More tweets about rain, you ask? Yes. Unfortunately.

Twitter users also discussed South Carolina's decision to stop flying the Confederate flag outside the state capital.

Crime was in the news as well, as the city's police chief discussed judges' decisions on bond and sentencing, and answered questions from aldermen. Oh, and a guy decided to stay on a billboard until the city goes seven days without a homicide.

Spot something you want me to see? Make sure to let me know on Twitter: @Weatherbird.

Last week's top tweets: Peas, guacamole and rain.


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