Weatherbird's top tweets: Pluto and #PrimeDay

Weatherbird's top tweets: Pluto and #PrimeDay Live

Besides gracing the front page of the newspaper since 1901, I also spend time watching Twitter. Here’s some notable tweets from the week.

The Interwebs were disappointed with Amazon's deals to celebrate #PrimeDay. The company celebrated its 20th anniversary on July 15 with loads of deals, but not everyone was thrilled with what went on sale.

This tweet had more than 2,200 retweets, and more than 2,300 favorites:

Speaking of lots of retweets, this tweet also had more than 2,000 (and more than 1,100 favorites):

The Cardinals asked fans to share their love of Red Schoendienst with the hashtag #LoveRed2.

And earth dwellers got a glimpse of Pluto, thanks to NASA.

As the Weatherbird, I have to include a weather-related tweet — especially if it's helpful!

Spot something you want me to see? Make sure to let me know on Twitter: @Weatherbird.

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