Uber? Uber!

Uber? Uber! Live

Via Leah Thorsen, of the Post-Dispatch
by The Weatherbird

Have you Uber-ed yet? 

I'm not sure Uber is a verb. Maybe one of the users of the ride-hailing app can let me know. The service has been in the news for its struggle with the St. Louis Taxicab Commission, which has refused to let it operate in St. Louis. On Friday, Uber had enough — the service filed a lawsuit against the commission and announced it would being offering rides in St. Louis.

Twitter cheered (and jeered).

I asked if people were using Uber, and for their reaction. Then Adam Hallas (@MrHallas) called me a narc "in pure jest." Other responses:

"I am in full support. Time for someone to stand up to the taxi commission. Going to take an Uber today!" Jay Dubs, @StlJay78 [Yes, a private account. I have permission to use this tweet.]

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