Hashtag draws abortion rights and anti-abortion comments

Hashtag draws abortion rights and anti-abortion comments Live

The hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion has been trending on Twitter for at least two days, as abortion rights supporters share their tweets about their abortions, and anti-abortion people respond. 

The hashtag is trending as politicians in the U.S. House passed legislation to de-fund Planned Parenthood. Next week, the federal budget year ends, and the issue of Planned Parenthood funding has become a sticking point in passing a bill that would allow government agencies to continue operating.

Here's what local Twitter users are saying on the hashtag:

Lindy West is one of the originators of the hashtag.

HELLO SUPPORTERS OF WOMEN AND ABORTION! We are so excited that you are here and very soon, we will have exciting things to tell you about! For now, please feel free to share a link to this page, and to use this as a space to #ShoutYourAbortion.Shout Your Abortionvia Facebook on September 19 at 10:58 PM


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