Facebook goes down, and Twitter users mull pumpkin spice

Facebook goes down, and Twitter users mull pumpkin spice Live

For a while on Thursday, Facebook went down.

Oh, hey, now that you mention pumpkin spice:

And the pope's in the country:

Speaking of fall, the weather has been gorgeous.

I will admit to not understanding everything tweeted on the #StrangeLoop hashtag, but I'm sure you super-smart readers who do computers and programming and such will enjoy reading the tag. Strange Loop is a technology conference that (according to its website) "brings together the developers and thinkers ... in fields such as emerging languages, alternative databases, concurrency, distributed systems, security and the web." It is held in St. Louis.

A hashtag that I definitely understand is #ONA15 (the Online News Association's 'tag for its annual conference). Friday's keynote was a speech by Amanda Hess, who talked about online harassment. 

This bird thinks that too many Internet users forget that, behind the computer screens and keyboards, we're all human (well, you all are. I'm a bird). Treat one another with respect. 

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