Grantland gone, Twitter and everybody but ESPN hurts

Grantland gone, Twitter and everybody but ESPN hurts Live

You probably heard about ESPN "suspending" Grantland, the pop-culture and sports website filled with long-form content (and much, much more) atypical of your usual sports site. The move affects dozens of employees and comes right after ESPN cut hundreds of other staffers. 

Former editor-in-chief Bill Simmons, who left ESPN months ago after the network decided not to renew his contract, tweeted this in response to the news. 

Well-known Grantland staff even tweeted their responses to the news. Their responses were mixed, to say the least. 

Over the past few months, some notable writers left. Wesley Morris went to The New York Times. Rembert Browne now writes for New York magazine. And four more staffers left the site for HBO with Simmons. But their content along with pieces from its other writers are still imprinted in tweeter's minds.

So long, Grantland. Many of us will miss you. 


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