'Old Newsboys' collect donations for children's charities

'Old Newsboys' collect donations for children's charities Live

Thank you to all the volunteers who collected donations this morning -- and to everyone who made a donation!

Helped out with #oldnewsboysday this morning at #UMSL @stltoday Go out and get the #oldnewsboys edition of the paper, helping support local Children's charities!
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Selling papers for Old Newsboys Fund to help raise money for children's charities. They give to the camp as well. We were up at 4:00 am and on the corner before 6:00 am!
Photos from Camp Penuel Inc.'s post
by Camp Penuel Inc. via Facebook

Throwback Thursday. I always try to pick up an old newsboy day paper it reminds me of when We used to dress up as Looney Tunes characters and stand out on the street. #TBT #looneytunes #bugsbunny #oldnewsboysday
by mathesmatt via Instagram

It's Old Newsboys Day!! Consider donating and helping children's charities. My grandpa used to do this - rain or shine. I wish he could still do it, but he loves still telling the stories. 📰🗞 #ONDSTL15 #oldnewsboysday @oldnewsboysstl
by shynesphoto via Instagram

Today is Old Newsboys Day and Sunnyhill is one of the featured charities this year. Be sure to pick up your copy (or a few!) when you see volunteers collecting donations this morning! Special thanks to our student writer who interviewed Vicky and the Post-Dispatch for the opportunity to spread the word about our great organization!
http://m.stltoday.com/suburban-journals/old-newsboys-day/news/sunnyhill-helps-take-the-stigma-out-of-disability/article_01f6903d-1491-5997-a31f-9e850005c29e.htmlSunnyhill Inc.via Facebook at 5:10 AM


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