Twitter users debate: Zoo or Billy Busch best to buy Grant's Farm? Live

The zoo and Grant's Farm certainly rank high on the list of things St. Louisans love. So when news broke Wednesday that the St. Louis Zoo is attempting to buy Grant's Farm, people took notice.

The zoo's proposal would require area voters (exactly what areas would be included is still uncertain) to approve a tax increase to pay for operations. Exactly what type of tax is also uncertain, although a sales tax could be 1/10 of one cent.

Well played, Michael. Well played.

After news of the zoo plan broke, Billy Busch (he's the Busch that brews Kraftig) revealed that he also wants to purchase the farm. Because of wills and trusts and such, Busch and other heirs of Gussie Busch are in court over the issue, so it's complicated. 

(Gussie Busch is the one who used to own the Cardinals.)

1. Nice name, there, "Redbird."

2. Me too. Me too. 

I love Grant's Farm!

Lots of people were concerned about the fate of Grant's Farm's free beer.
Zoo officials said that A-B InBev has agreed to continue serving free beer samples if the zoo does purchase the farm. 



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