Kroenke discussion dominates Twitter

Kroenke discussion dominates Twitter Live

Let's talk about Stan. The one who is decidedly not "the Man."

As a bird, I can't criticize anyone on their appearance, but ... 

(I don't have to explain why everyone is upset at Kroenke, right? For those who only read the paper for this column: The Rams owner has asked the NFL to move the team to Los Angeles, and the request basically echoed every bad thing anyone has ever said about the city.)

Rams fans (at least this one) do want the team to stay.

As featured earlier this week, tweeps used the hashtag #kroenkecomplaints to poke fun at Kroenke's statements slamming St. Louis. According to Twitter, from Monday to Friday, more than 16,000 tweets contained the hashtag.

And yet ... 


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