Trump, initially gracious in defeat, now demands Iowa do-over

Trump, initially gracious in defeat, now demands Iowa do-over Live

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump surprised much of the political world Monday night when, after finishing second to Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucuses, he congratulated the victor. As RealClearPolitics put it, his speech was “uncharacteristic for both its brevity and graciousness.

But we all knew that wasn't going to be The Donald's final word on the issue, right?

In yet another breaking of political convention, Trump today is calling for Iowa results to be nullified or that the election be re-run, because of questionable campaign tactics by the Cruz camp.

His megaphone of choice is, as usual, Twitter:

In an apparent response, Cruz has this sneering suggestion:

Trump isn't pulling his allegations against Cruz out of thin air. The Texas senator's camp has, in fact, been accused by others of starting the false rumor of Carson dropping out, and of a mailer designed to trick Iowa voters into thinking it was from state election authorities. (The Cruz campaign has denied both.) We outlined those issues yesterday in a story on Cruz's Missouri-bred campaign manager, Jeff Roe.

Of course, shady campaign tactics are about as American as apple pie. If we start re-doing elections over them, we're in for an even longer political season than we thought. 


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