Swift reaction to Kroenke, business partner's proposal for development

Swift reaction to Kroenke, business partner's proposal for development Live

Reaction (on Twitter) has been swift:

Hughes later said he's not against development, but doesn't want Kroenke to get tax breaks or public assistance.

Hey, look at that.

I'm not including the crasser responses.

And from the article comments:

The idea of giving Kroenke any assistance feels like paying the dinner bill for your ex and her new boyfriend. Perhaps we could send him flowers for Valentine's Day, too.Brooke Slossvia Facebook at 4:46 PM
Stan "The Devil" Kroenke DOES NOT DESERVE any favors from any St. Louis municipality! JUST SAY NO!Mary Margreiter Hedigervia Facebook at 4:41 PM

Besides the tif money, can we just stop building stuff in flood plains. Please.Kris Boevinglohvia Facebook at 4:10 PM

Can't wait to see all of those Rams fans who were all for giving tax dollars to build a stadium with a negative ROI, but are against this, something that can actually make money, just because he didn't build a stadium.Michael Dukevia Facebook at 4:05 PM

Stan has already given notice he doesn't need any public dollars from St. Louis. No need for this area of 'financial ruin' to bail him out now.Bruce Hixonvia Facebook at 4:51 PM

According to Kroenke, this area is one of the worst areas economically in the history of the world...let him and his partners spend their OWN money to build ANYTHING!!!!!Brian Wallnervia Facebook at 4:52 PM


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