Kroenke's not too popular right now

Kroenke's not too popular right now Live

Stan Kroenke's name was back in the news recently. He's also upsetting sports fans in England, so the rage against Kroenke is international. Anyone want to see if we can get #kroenkecomplaints to go viral worldwide?

Kroenke is the majority shareholder of Arsenal, an English Premier League team. (I don't know why Kroenke raised ticket prices for recent Arsenal games.

Back in the states, though, Kroenke and a business partner, Alan Bornstein, want to develop more than a thousand acres of land near Creve Coeur Lake Park, and they want taxpayer help. Taxpayers, when they found out about the plan, were not thrilled.

David Hunn tweeted about the request on Thursday afternoon, and the reaction was swift. 

But only three people came to the Maryland Heights council meeting where elected officials discussed the issue.


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