Superstition, hail and the Blues

Superstition, hail and the Blues Live

The final day of the Missouri legislative session is Friday the 13th. Appropriate.
Some spring storms hit the area, and people's phones weren't quite ready for it.
There are a few left shark GIFs making the rounds in local tweets, as the Blues face the Sharks in the Western Conference Finals. (Left shark, n., Reference to a dancer in a shark costume who, during the 2015 Superbowl Halftime performance by Katy Perry, danced awkwardly and became a meme.)
(Crying Jordan, n., A picture of Michael Jordan crying, which has been Photoshopped on nearly any image of someone who is sad, such as a Stars fan watching the last game of the series, which the Blues won 6-1. Visual equivalent of "Fail.")


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