When details about a crime get weirder and weirder

When details about a crime get weirder and weirder Live

There's a viral video of a boy, on drugs after a dental procedure, asking: "Is this real life?" His confusion was shared by many in the St. Louis area as they heard the details law enforcement officials outlined at a press conference Wednesday.

If you didn't know the name Pamela Hupp before this week, you probably know it now. Hupp was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder, and officials outlined a convoluted tale of her attempt to frame someone by killing an innocent man. Every sentence of the press conference seemed to build more and more details too odd to be believed.

Louis Gumpenberger was shot and killed in Hupp's home on Tuesday, Aug. 16. Police said their investigation showed no connection between Gumpenberger and Hupp

They already did! Well, there's an episode about Hupp's connection with another murder trial, of Elizabeth Faria. Faria's husband, Russell Faria, was charged and found guilty of her murder, but later acquitted after a re-trial.

Reporter Robert Patrick has been following the developments in the saga since before Faria was acquitted. You can read his work here


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