Enjoy the weather (and the pumpkin spice latte)

Enjoy the weather (and the pumpkin spice latte) Live

Absentee ballots? Mmm, no thanks. I'd rather focus on something a little less polarizing. After all, we are approaching the season with some of the best weather in the area.

I don't think there's a "Is it unbearably humid in STL" Twitter account, but that one would also tweet "Nope."

Speaking of coffee, the arrival of more fall-like weather hearkens the arrival of one of the most anticipated drinks around: the pumpkin spice latte.

Basic: n., slang for a person who does obvious things (or stereotypical/unsophisticated things), like a teenage girl who likes pumpkin spice lattes, Uggs, chevron scarves and Taylor Swift.


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