Gordon: Cards seek commanding lead

Gordon: Cards seek commanding lead Live

The Cardinals were in predictably good spirits Sunday in the aftermath of their chaotic 5-4 victory over the Red Sox in Game 3 of the World Series.

Now they want to win Game 4 of the World Series and build a 3-1 edge with
Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha slated to pitch Games 5 and 6.

Wainwright, for one, believes Lance Lynn can get the job done tonight. Many residents of Cardinal Nation have been begging manager Mike Matheny to start Shelby Miller, but Lynn won twice in the NLCS -- once in relief and once as a starter.

"Lance is.a winning pitcher," Wainwright said during his pregame news conference. "He's a quality pitcher. He's got big-time stuff."

Red Sox manager John Farrell will counter with Clay Buchholz, a pitcher who admits he is running on fumes.

Here is how the Cardinals will start the game:

1) Carpenter 2B

2) Beltran RF

3) Holliday LF

4) Adams 1B

5) Molina C

6) Jay CF

7) Freese 3B

8) Descalso SS

9) Lynn P


Here is what folks were saying before the game, as relayed via Twitter:


Here is what the experts were writing about, as relayed via Twitter.


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