Top tweets: Homeless shelters and stadiums

Top tweets: Homeless shelters and stadiums Live

Homeless shelters and soccer stadiums -- what do they have in common? 
Both were the topic of conversation on Twitter this week, as both have (or will have) major impacts on downtown St. Louis. 
Homeless drug users continue to overdose on synthetic marijuana, as the city's mayor pointed out in a tweet. Many of those who overdosed were near the New Life Evangelistic Center, a downtown homeless shelter that has been at odds with downtown officials and neighborhood residents. 
Carrington is a representative of the center.
Waldrop is a developer who has been instrumental in the effort to shut down the center. He and Carrington had a long discussion about the center's budget and services. 
A group of potential professional soccer team owners -- SC STL -- proposed a stadium plan that would ask taxpayers to pay $80 million of the cost of the construction. This week, a competing group, Foundry STL, wrote an open letter suggesting they could cover that cost -- a move that had some local soccer fans saying they were playing politics. A request for taxpayers to fund stadium construction is already political:


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