Gordon: Peralta signing stirs skepticism

Gordon: Peralta signing stirs skepticism Live

After trading for a center fielder likely to hit eighth quite a bit, Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak had to find a shortstop with some pop.

That somebody was Jhonny Peralta, who offers good power for a shortstop and decent pop for a handyman -- a role he may fill in the last year or two of his four-year, $53 million contract.

Jhonny Peralta Walk Off Home Run
by BaseballKing23 via YouTube

There are some red flags here, including age (31), his recent PED abuse (which earned him a 50-game suspension) and his merely ordinary defense.

On the other hand, Peralta is a legitimate big league hitter and the Cardinals sacrificed nothing to get him. Mozeliak still has all of his valuable pitching chips to spend as needed.

If all of those young hurlers stay healthy, he will be in even better trading position in the summer. If injuries hit, then he will glad he kept his stockpile intact.

While I consider Peralta more of an American League utility guy instead of a National League shortstop, there are real positives here.
Peralta crushes a grand slam in the sixth
by MLB via YouTube

Yes, he can drive the ball. The Cardinals need guys who can drive the ball from the right side of the plate.

But this signing received mixed reviews on the
Twitterverse. Here is a sampling:


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