Gordon: Rams demolish Bears, impress experts

Gordon: Rams demolish Bears, impress experts Live

That the Rams beat the injury-depleted Bears was not a shock. After all, the Rams have discovered a running game and Chicago cannot stop the run in its weakened state.

But the 42-21 score was an attention grabber. Tavon Austin ran past the Bears. Then Zac Stacy ran through them. Then Benny Cunningham ran through them.

The Rams defense did lots of bending, but it got the stops and turnovers it needed to win the game. The game offered further proof that the Jeff Fisher regime has this program moving in the right direction.
Tavon Austin 65 Yard Touchdown vs Chicago Bears
by BeastModeFootball12 via YouTube

Did anybody expect this team to stick the Colts and Bears with lopsided losses in back-to-back games with Sam Bradford sidelined? Anybody?

The Rams gave a heavy mettle performance, overcoming some momentum shifts and some curious officiating to grind out the victory.

This spectacle also gave Bears fans plenty to worry about.
For a team still in the playoff hunt, they did a lot of stuff wrong in this game.

Here is a sampling of some of the stuff various media outlets and individual experts posted on this topic in the Twitterverse:


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