Gordon: Experts sort the BCS scramble

Gordon: Experts sort the BCS scramble Live

Mizzou did its part to keep the Bowl Championship Series picture. It remained in title game contention by knocking off Texas A&M and earning a berth in the SEC Championship Game.

There the Tigers will meet Auburn, which knocked off No. 1 Alabama to create put Florida State and Ohio State in position to play for national title.

Auburn's remarkable victory -- on the return of a missed field goal from deep in the end zone -- triggered some crazy responses.

Auburn Game Winning Missed Field Goal TD Return vs Alabama
by G4MarchMadnessHD via YouTube

Auburn Beats Alabama AMAZING Fan Reactions
by G4MarchMadnessHD via YouTube

Reaction to the auburn Alabama game
by Bailey Wooten via YouTube

The winner of the SEC title game would play for the national title if FSU or OSU loses a game of if the tortured BCS ranking process rewards one of the one-loss teams for playing a challenging schedule.

Of course, we wouldn't have to stage this debate if the college football playoff system was in place for this season. The winner of the SEC title game have get their chance to defend the conference's honor as one of the finalists.

But we have to wait for that format to bring sanity to the process. In the meantime, experts tried to sort things out in the


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