Gordon: Black Monday arrives in NFL

Gordon: Black Monday arrives in NFL Live

The firing season is underway in the National Football League. The Cleveland Browns got a head start on the pack, dumping coach Rob Chudzinski Sunday night after just one season.

Coaching prospects will have to think long and hard about working for that franchise.
They will need to think ahead about what their severance will look like.

Detroit Lions coach Jim Schwartz joined the unemployment line, creating some intrigue at Rams Park. Fisher is Schwartz's mentor and good friend.

The Washington Redskins wasted no time putting Mike Shanahan out of his misery, dumping him Monday morning. He will collect $7 million to not coach next season. Robert Griffin III is smiling today.

Leslie Frazier got the short haircut in Minnesota Monday. Greg Schiano got clipped in Tampa Bay; the loss to the Rams probably doomed him. General manager Mark Dominik also got walking papers.

The dismissals were coming fast and furious, giving various coordinators a chance to move up
. . . and assorted head coaches the chance to upgrade at coordinator.

Here is how the Twitterverse is reacting to all this:


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