Hockey Guy: Blackhawk cheap shots draw scrutiny

Hockey Guy: Blackhawk cheap shots draw scrutiny Live

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Brent Seabrook took out Blues captain David Backes with a flying head shot Saturday afternoon at Scottrade Center.

Then, with Backes obviously concussed, one of the Blackhawks, perhaps Duncan Keith, taunted him. "Wakey, Wakey Backes," somebody said. "Wakey, wakey."

That sounds like something aptly named Blues defenseman Garth Butcher would say during the old (Chuck) Norris Division days. Back then, situation ethics ruled the postseason. But in Gary Bettman's modern NHL such high jinks are frowned upon.

Blues ruffian Ryan Reaves offered a classic comeback Sunday:

“To me, it looked a little gutless from where I was standing, and the replays I’ve seen. I saw them talking to him. It makes it a little more gutless. I don’t think there’s any need for that. He doesn’t even know where he really is. I think if they want to start getting into that battle, we can play the same way. We’ll see where it takes us.

“I’m not happy about that. I don’t think anybody in this organization is happy about it. … To see that happen I think is just embarrassing in that organization.

Check it out at the 46-second mark:

Brent Seabrook Charging Major On David Backes. April 19th 2014. (HD)
by xXxCrosby87Xx via YouTube

So concussions are funny stuff to the Blackhawks. That is news worth noting by the Blues. who were already miffed about the Seabrook hit and Bryan Bickell's attempt to take out Vladimir Sobotka with a knee-to-knee hit.

Sobotka was not seriously injured on this play, but he is iffy for Game 3.

Brian Bickell Knee-on-Knee Hit on Vladimir Sobotka - Game #2 WCQF 2014 (HD Multiview)
by HockeyWebCaster via YouTube

Speaking of Keith, Don Cherry called him out for his excessive stickwork against the Blues. Mind you, Cherry is arguably North America's most vocal fan of the rough stuff.

Don Cherry Comments on Duncan Keith's Slashfest - April 19, 2014 (HD)
by HockeyWebCaster via YouTube

The Blackhawks have set the rules of engagement for the rest of the series. The NHL will try to cool things down with tight officiating, but the league's light three-game suspension for Seabrook won't help that effort.

Here is the official explanation of why Seabrook got just three games, from new league disciplinarian Stephane Quintal:

"As Backes continues on his path toward the corner, well away from the puck and past the timeframe in which he is eligible to be checked, Seabrook drives up and into Backes delivering a blow with his right shoulder that causes Backes to slam violently into the glass and boards."

Actually, Seabrook launched himself right into Backes' head. But Quintal couldn't phrase it that way and still give such a light suspension.

Here is how the Twitterverse reacted to all of this fun.


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