Gordon: Kim Anderson wins his news conference

Gordon: Kim Anderson wins his news conference Live

New Missouri basketball coach Kim Anderson gave a winning performance during his introductory news conference.

This came as no surprise to anybody who followed Anderson through his playing days into his coaching and administrative career. He may not be the hot coaching commodity that Gregg Marshall is these days, but he is a much bigger personality.

So far, so good for his regime. He hasn't nailed down his coaching staff yet or wooed the previously signed recruits, so we're a long way from knowing whether he will start his tenure with a competitive team.
He vowed to build around high school recruits  fans will get to know for four years, but  he built his title team at Central Missouri almost entirely with transfers passing through.

It will be interesting to see if he can make this massive transition.
For his sake, let's hope he can carry the momentum from this morning through the critical days ahead as he begins reorganizing the operation to his liking.

Here were some highlights of his news conference:


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