Gordon: Wainwright draws heat for "Pipegate"

Gordon: Wainwright draws heat for "Pipegate" Live

Did Adam Wainwright feed Derek Jeter a meatball in the first inning of the All-Star Game or not?

That became a hot topic on Twitter last night.
Wainwright admitted his gesture during an interview after his appearance. After he took a social media pounding, he circled back
and told reporters that his admission was just a joke.

And Waino is quite the jokester. However, giving a living legend something to hit is hardly an unprecedented act.

Back in the day, Tigers pitcher Denny McLain grooved a pitch for Mickey Mantle during the Mick's last appearance at Tiger Stadium. McLain saluted Mantle when the legendary Yankees slugger went yard.

Similar courtesies have been extended over the years in Our National Pastime.

But since the All-Star Game counts now -- thanks to Bud Selig's oddball decree --  Wainwright' caught flak on the Twitterverse.

Here are some of the criticisms in 140 characters or less:

Cardinals manager Mike Matheny also took a little heat for his deployment of certain players, including Wainwright (starting ahead of Clayton Kershaw) and reliever Pat Neshek.

Here were some of the resulting salvos:

All this proves that you can't please everybody. It's just a game people. Really, it's just an exhibition game. Settle down!


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