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#MichaelBrown, #FergusonShooting, #Ferguson and other hashtags have been used on tweets and Instagrammed pictures of the events in Ferguson. Many people are using the hashtags to keep up with events in the area.

Other hashtags have evolved to have an activist role. For example, #DontShoot is a hashtag protesters are using to raise awareness of police brutality:

When my son is walking home from school, #DontShoot @dontshootmo #MikeBrown #Ferguson
by tishaura via Instagram


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The phrase is part of a chant protesters have been using: "Hands up; don't shoot." It's also a reference to the witness' statement that Brown had his hands up when being shot, and was asking the officer not to shoot him.

Another hashtag, #prayforstl covers a range of emotions, including one message about how social media participation helps people feel like they've contributed:


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Some used the hashtag to send images (including a cute bunny as an attempt to cheer people up):

The hashtag #IfTheyGunnedMeDown highlights media choices of the photos used with stories of Michael Brown. One shows him wearing a sports jersey and making a hand gesture some interpret as a gang sign, others as a peace sign. Another photo is Brown in his high school graduation robes, holding a diploma. The 'tag criticizes the use of the more polarizing, and potentially negative, picture of Brown instead of his graduation photo. The 'tag asks: #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, which picture would the media use to depict my life? 


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