#Muckedup chat with Messenger

#Muckedup chat with Messenger Live

Tony Messenger, the editorial page editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, joined an online Twitter chat Tuesday night to discuss Ferguson coverage, and the opinion page's cooperation with The Guardian to gather stories of racial profiling. The Twitter account for Muck Rack, a website for journalists and public relations professionals, moderated the discussion, which used the hashtag #muckedup. The hashtag is used for all of Muck Rack's weekly discussions.

As with many Twitter chats, many side questions were asked and several other conversations were sparked. 

The #muckedup chat included questions directly for Messenger, followed by questions for others following along. Below are Messenger's answers to the moderator's questions, then some of the audience's answers to the moderator's questions.

To view responses from the audience, click the right and left arrows on the slideshow of tweets below the question from Muck Rack:


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Some people following the chat had questions for Messenger:

And Messenger had a question for the audience: 


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