Discussing "the talk" mothers have with their sons

Discussing "the talk" mothers have with their sons Live

On Monday, the Ethics Project, YWCA and Missouri History Museum held a "conversation with black mothers to white about 'the talk' with their black sons," according to the flier for the event.

Many white parents hear "the talk" and assume it means the discussion about sex. 

For many black parents, the talk is completely different. It's a discussion with children about how to interact with the police. A Gawker writer describes it here. Another discussion, from a black man, is here. Another description of "the talk" (that doesn't mention that phrase) is here, from a writer for The Root. 

Several people tweeted during Monday's event. The moderators were Christi Griffin, founder and president of the Ethics Project; Amy Hunter, director of racial justice for the YWCA in St. Louis; and a speaker, Leah Gunning Francis, who discussed how mothers of black boys explore issues of risk.


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