Reactions to endorsement of Steve Stenger for county executive

Reactions to endorsement of Steve Stenger for county executive Live

"... now it will require someone who thinks government has a role in addressing past injustices, someone who knows you can’t pull yourself up by your bootstraps when the other guy has all the boots.

Steve Stenger’s record suggests he can be that kind of leader."

Reaction on Twitter, and comments on the editorial, was varied.

i knew the all-white post-dispatch editorial board would find a way to endorse the white liberal, given the devastating effects white liberals have always had on black communities. we know the all-white editorial board is not sincere at all in wanting someone who would address past injustices (such as the racist white construction trade unions continuing to exclude black men from good-paying jobs that don't require a college degree) or who is sincere in offering assistance in pulling oneself up by one's bootstraps when someone else has the boots (such as addressing the lack of investment capital in black communities while running story after story about programs like arch grants and incubators and accelerators that nurture white businesses and entrepreneurs in the central west end and west county). what the white liberals at the post want and what stenger wants is more welfare instead of work for black communities, continued reductions in educational choices for black families and politics as usual by paying off black plantation minders instead of offering any real improvements for black communities. this is the real extremist agenda promoted by democrats and it's worked well to keep blacks in poverty for the last 50 years. stenger won't even support a minority business and worker bill that doesn't cater first to the racist white unions, and the all-white post editorial board apparently sees no problem with that. meanwhile, in atlanta, where the city, state and atlanta falcons owner arthur blank are building a new football stadium, they announced jointly that minority participation throughout the project would start (that's start!) at 32 percent and likely be higher across the board. white liberals and compliant negroes keep holding st louis back, but the post loves 'em and endorses 'em every chance they get.Dwight Billingslyvia Facebook at 10:07 AM yesterday

The editorial says the County must change, but then supports a continuation of the failed policies of the Democrats. This makes no sense.Kip Allenvia Facebook at 6:05 AM yesterday

Life is more peaceful when things are predictable, with no surprises. Things like four seasons of weather, the sun rising in the east and the Post-Dispatch endorsing a Democrat for a major office.Ronald Coughenourvia Facebook on October 17 at 7:04 PM

In reference to this part of the editorial "And then there’s what can be called “the vision thing.” The executive represents the most populous governmental entity in a fractured region. He is the face of the county on regional issues, but has little authority over its 90 municipalities. He must be able to build coalitions, both within and without the county’s borders," a Twitter user responded: 


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