Reactions from politicians

Reactions from politicians Live

Several city politicians went to the scene of the shooting in the Shaw neighborhood on Wednesday night. A sample of what they had to say:

Stephen Conway is the alderman for St. Louis City's 8th Ward, which includes the Shaw neighborhood

Antonio French is alderman for the 21st Ward, in north city. 

St. Louis City's Mayor Francis Slay was out of town yesterday, at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. 

His last tweet from Oct. 8 was sent at 4:50 p.m.:

On Thursday, Slay posted to Facebook.

Yesterday afternoon, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson and I were in Little Rock meeting with mayors about policing. While we were driving home, a tragic shooting happened in the Shaw neighborhood. We put to use the ideas we had discussed earlier in Arkansas. A crowd, including some people who had been demonstrating earlier in the evening in Ferguson, gathered. Chief Dotson and his department responded with restraint, professionalism – and transparency. Officers addressed the crowd directly with all the information that was available. The department used its social media accounts to pass along what it knew. The department was supported at the scene by community and neighborhood members with whom it had built relationships in the past. There were no arrests. Then today, Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and I discussed how we could add new independence and transparency to the investigation itself. Whatever the outcome, it is vitally important that everyone in our City and beyond has confidence in the investigation and the results. So, after discussing how we could accomplish that, Jennifer has decided to partner with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to investigate this matter. They have agreed. Consistent with the current protocol, the police department's Force Investigative Unit will conduct an investigation. It will then deliver the results to the Circuit Attorney to consider criminal charges. At the same time, the evidence will also be turned over to a federal prosecutor to review for federal civil rights violations. That represents a second, independent investigation of the facts. Just as importantly, if no charges are filed, the circuit attorney will release all of the investigative evidence and information so everyone knows exactly what happened. I thank Jennifer Joyce and U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan for doing this. I believe it will add an extra layer of independence to a policy that is already open and transparent.Mayor Francis Slayvia Facebook at 3:03 PM

Eddie Roth tweeted information about the neighborhood, and an officer acting as a spokesman.

The official Twitter account for the city's police department tweeted these statements about the shooting last night:

In response to a Post-Dispatch photographer who tweeted at 10:30 p.m. about a crowd of about 100 people gathering near the scene of the shooting, a city official said:

In response to a retweet that added the information that Rainford is the mayor's chief of staff, he said:

Maria Chappelle Nadal retweeted many protesters who went to the Shaw neighborhood from Ferguson on Wednesday night. One exchange:

The president of the Board of Alderman, Lewis Reed: 

In response to a question if the area's alderman was at the scene of the shooting:

Scott Ogilvie, alderman for the 24th Ward, said: 

Christine Ingrassia, 6th Ward alderwoman:


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