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As outlined in Nicholas J.C. Pistor's article from the Wednesday night meeting, what was supposed to be a meeting to gather public comment for a proposed civilian oversight board for the police department plunged into chaos.

Antonio French is the alderman for the 21st Ward. @Citizens4THubbard is the Twitter handle of Tammika Hubbard, alderman in the 5th Ward.

Jeff Roorda is the business manager for the St. Louis Police Officer's Association.

Some meeting attendees said that Roorda shoved a woman - or two women. Video from Bassem Masri (starting at about the 59-minute mark) shows crowd members talking and shouting during testimony, then Roorda asking for order. Masri shouts expletives as Roorda tries to move up the aisle, attendees stand up and pushing starts. Another view of the outburst can be seen in this video (near the 17:30-minute mark).

Before the eruption, Pistor noted the atmosphere in the room:

After the meeting:

One protest organizer, Charles Wade, said:

As noted in the article, many demanded Jeff Roorda's arrest.

Richard Callow is a political consultant; @Chrissi is the Twitter handle for 6th Ward Alderman Christine Ingrassia. 


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