Ask Metro about how to get to LouFest

LouFest in Forest Park takes place on Sept. 10-11 and Metro is the perfect option for getting to the festival. Have a question about your transit commute? Join the experts during their monthly chat, Wednesday, Sept. 7 at noon.

  • Good Afternoon, St. Louis! As you enjoy the last days of summer, consider taking Metro to the Cardinal's game, one of many festivals and concerts happening the region, or to this weekend's LouFest, taking place in Forest Park Saturday, September 10 - Sunday, September 11. Metro is partnering with Listen Live Entertainment to provide a LouFest shuttle from the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station to the LouFest grounds at Forest Park's Central Field. The shuttle will operate from approximately 11am - 11pm, or until crowds have cleared. The cost of the shuttle is $3 per round trip. Shuttle tickets do not include service on MetroLink or regular MetroBus routes. Shuttle tickets may be purchased at the ticket window at the Forest Park-DeBaliviere MetroLink Station on the days of the event. If you are taking MetroLink to the event, you may wish to purchase a round-trip ticket at your origin station. It's going to be a lovely weekend, we hope to see you out there!
  • Besides the Civic Center and Cortex projects, what other major capitol projects are in the pipeline?
  • TransitFan,

    Metro is currently constructing the expanded Civic Center Transit Center, which will open in about one year. This project introduces new passenger amenities to the transit system, including those at our North County Transit Center, which opened earlier this year.

    We are currently designing the new Boyle MetroLink Station, which we'll begin constructing next year. Part of this project will also include extension of the Central West End MetroLink platform to accommodate high passenger demand at this busy station.

    Several other ongoing and planned projects focus on maintaining the transit system, including rehabilitation of a tunnel near Union Station and replacement of track ties and other infrastructure along MetroLink.

    In terms of service expansion, the region will soon embark on two conceptual design studies that will focus on four different light rail expansion options. The results of these 12 - 18 month studies will help regional decision makers determine priorities for light rail expansion, as well as the introduction of other types of transit service.
  • Two months later and no word about my concern re: the call-a-ride speeding down I-64. I'm guess you didn't look into it or do anything if you did.
  • DivideByZero,

    Please reach out to Metro Customer Service at 314-982-1406 or so that we may obtain detailed information about your experience that will facilitate an investigation. If you have already logged a complaint, please provide me with information I may use to identify your contact (such as name). Alternatively, you may follow up on a previously-logged contact using the contact information above.
  • TransitFan,

    Depending on the existing level of study for each option, the conceptual design study will include alignment (routing) alternatives; options for vehicle and station technologies; evaluation of environmental impacts; ridership projections; development of complementary service strategies; development of potential funding scenarios for construction and operation, etc. The design process comprises a significant percentage of time and budget in the development of large-scale capital projects like light rail, and in addition to answering a number of important technical questions that would lead to a construction plan, these studies are requirements for federal funding applications.
  • What exactly goes into a "conceptual design study" and why do they cost millions of dollars?
  • I saw that the CWE station is slated for upgrades coinciding with the new Boyle station. It talked about extending the platform but not about what I feel is a big problem at the station; the staircase on the west side. Major bottleneck! Any chance it's part of the renovation or could be added?
    And following up on the platform extension, is that just to have more areas for passengers to wait for trains?
  • DivideByZero,

    The primary purpose of the Central West End Platform extension is to provide more space for passenger queuing. This is a single-platform station (serving east and westbound trains), and it is currently Metro's busiest station. At present, I do not believe the eastern stairs are scheduled to be reconstructed.
  • Hello, I was wondering if there were or would be any plans to expand service to St. Charles county?
  • Expansion,

    The decision to expand transit service in St. Charles County, whether as a connection to the Metro Transit System or service solely within that county, rests with the leadership and citizens of St. Charles County. St. Charles is included in Bi-State Development's compact, however to date St. Charles County has not chosen to participate in the Metro Transit System. There have been periodic conversations on this topic, and if you are a resident of St. Charles County and interested in transit service, I encourage you to reach out to your local and County elected officials to express this interest.
  • Are there plans to increase bus frequency on any lines? Which lines have service more often than every 20 minutes?
  • BusLover,

    Metro periodically shifts service levels in response to customer demand and available funding. Metro operates with a balanced budget, so additional service would require additional local financial support or a corresponding offset elsewhere in the transit system. Metro's busiest routes that provide greater than 20-minute frequency during peak periods include the #70 Grand; #95 Kingshighway; and #11 Chippewa. Visit our website to find detailed information on all Metro service schedules.
  • Thank you, St. Louis, for a lively chat this afternoon. We'll be back next month, and in the meantime, you may always reach out to us via our website, at, via Facebook or Twitter or at 314-304-0734.
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