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Before you head out for Christmas travels, get the latest on construction, congestion or any commuting issue from the Road Crew of experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis county. Join the weekly chat on Wednesday, Dec. 21, at 1 p.m.

    In a follow-up from last week -- I checked with IDOT on the lane closure for the Martin Luther King Jr bridge ramp construction work. They shared that they have had some construction difficulties that prevented them from finishing the work on the right lane. Currently, they are anticipating that the lane will remain closed through the winter. In the spring, they will reopen the right lane and close the left lane. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    As a daily Lindbergh commuter between Manchester Rd. and Hwy 40 it is evident that a simple change in the arrangement of the median barrier between the library and Clayton Road could alleviate some of the congestion that occurs at rush hour. It appears from the condition of the road surface that lengthening the north bound turn lane to westbound Clayton would allow more vehicles to make the light as well as free up the flow in the left lane of Lindbergh. The short turn lane to the library is less problematic but does add to congestion when there is a special event at the headquarters branch. On another note, the additional turn lanes for both north and southbound lanes of Lindbergh at Manchester was a welcome improvement. The extension (read restriction) of the curb for the left turn lane from eastbound Manchester to northbound Lindbergh is problematic, to be polite as it now causes the overflow to block the left lane of eastbound Manchester at rush hour(s) and backs traffic up well beyond Geyer Road. Hopefully someone can figure out how to alleviate the problem.
    Thanks for your observations -- we are working through the problem and trying to identify solutions. We have no plans at this time to move the barrier -- it is permanently fixed to the roadway -- but we will consider it as a part of future designs when we resurface that portion of Lindbergh. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Comunications
    What is the latest update on the PSB Ramp project? Any timeframe on getting the new westbound ramp to 55 fully open again, and is the remainder of the project still on schedule to finish at the end of 2017?
    The westbound PSB to southbound I-55 ramp fully opened last weekend for the winter. In March, we will be shutting down one lane on the ramp again as we continue preventative maintenance work on both directions of the I-55 bridge over 3rd Street. That project is still scheduled to be complete by the end of 2017. We just awarded the contract to widen the eastbound PSB, as well as add a second lane to the ramp from northbound I-55 to the eastbound bridge. We will be talking with the contractor soon, so we will have more specific details on that project in the next few weeks. That widening project is scheduled to run through late 2018 at this time. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Along with Jim in Des Peres, I would add that I would like modot to evaluate restricting restricting the right turn on red during rush hours at least for westbound Manchester to Lindbergh.
    I travel through here almost daily, and always see the westbound Manchester vehicles trying to, or actually going through the right turn in front of traffic on northbound Lindbergh. It really gets scary cause these people really stick the front of their cars out into the right turn lane. I would expect that there have been a number of accidents at this location.
    The restriction wiould only need to apply to the morning rush hours.....
    This is something that the municipality would have to determine is needed. If they pass an ordinance for this type of restriction, they would then notify us and we would provide the signing. If vehicles are making the yielding right turn without yielding, you need to contact the local police department to enforce the yield. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications.
    I've seen and heard many other people complaining about the condition of Delmar between Des Peres and DeBaliviere, and yet nothing has been done. Nobody knows where the lanes are, or even how many lanes there are supposed to be. Raised curbing appears without warning and is invisible at night. Based on the damage already inflicted on these island medians, many people have been hitting and driving over them. This is seriously a mess.
    The contractor is responsible for temporary striping during construction and has been alerted to the situation already on Delmar within these limits.
    During the evening rush timing on the signals on Southbound 7th between Cerre and the I-55 on ramp isn't the greatest. Specifically I notice it around 5 pm. Traffic gets hung up when Cerre turns green, but then Chouteau turns red shortly after. When Chouteau turns green then Lebanon turns red. Also, can detection be put in at Cerre, Purina, and Lebanon Dr? Traffic on those streets is light compared to 7th.
    We will certainly revisit timing on 7th in the area you described. Chouteau is a MoDOT signal, but ours surrounding it were designed to operate in synchronization with each other from Cerre I-44. Thanks for being specific on the direction and time of day for you comment - that is a big help for us to know which timing plan to start with. We will also look at the existing detection in that area and see if there devices to fix or the potential to add new devices.
    From your description, "broken water main' is a distinct possibility. I'll forward this to our inspection group for investigation. (Missouri American Water would be responsible for repairing the break, however.) Thank you for the heads up. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    I wonder if there is a broken water main at the corner of eastbound Midland and Brown Rd. There wass a slushy ice patch there this morning but it wasn't there yesterday.
    Why was the brand new surface of I-44 ground down already? I noticed it going west between Kingshighway and Arsenal and limited to the right lane.
    There were some rough spots in that right lane that needed to be ground out to have a smoother riding surface. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    You are most welcome. Thanks for the feedback! David Wrone, St. Louis County
    I love Murdoch's new driving surface, thanks for all you did replacing the surface. And quick too!
    The Kingshighway viaduct between McRee and Manchester is in need of some patching. Going north, there is a sizeable gap in the pavement with large chunks of pavement in the roadway, about 1/3 the way over the bridge. There is also a pothole on the last 1/3, in the right lane. Southbound has a pothole in the right lane right in the middle.
    I have alerted our crews to the conditions you described!
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