Ask the Road Crew

If you wonder why traffic slows down at certain spots, or why construction seems perpetual in another, ask our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County during the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 1 p.m.

    There is limited space on the bridge to provide more advance warning of this closure. Any additional information further back into Illinois might get confusing with the existing Illinois workz one before you get to the PSB. Two of the overhead signs on westbound I-64 before the closure have the correct lane arrow covered and there is a safe distance to see the upcoming channelizers and flashing arrow panel for the closure. When the bridge is congested, we encourage drivers to use the full open lane and merge like a zipper at the closure. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Can MoDot send a crew out to trim all the random weeds and brush sprouting up along the median on 44 between Shrewsbury and Downtown? We had guests in town over the weekend and they mentioned how it looked like a tree sprouting up in one spot... very unsightly. Plus there is a significant amount of trash and debris laying around as well. Thank you. AJ
    For several months, the right lane of northbound Big Bend is blocked off starting around Wydown. Recently that lane opened back up in the last block approaching Forest Park Parkway. However, various work trucks doing projects at Wash U (some commercial, some not) consistently park in that right lane of Big Bend in the block leading to FP Parkway, hence continuing to block it. This creates a DAILY traffic issue on Big Bend in the morning and the evening, as Big Bend is a major north/south thoroughfare. Is it legal for Wash U or its contractors to consistently block a lane of a major road for months on end? And why is the right lane from Wydown to Forsyth still blocked off if the work at Wash U from Forsyth to FP Parkway doesn't require use of that right lane?
    MO Hwy B in Franklin County is getting pothole heaven again. I understand that MoDOT will not resurface it anymore because it's in a flood plain, but just putting grit down just isn't cutting it.
    The traffic lights at Seventh and Olive have been flashing for several weeks. Flashing red lights are a hazard to pedestrians. St. Louis drivers are famous for their rolling stops and if the pedestrian arrives at the intersection on the NE corner, he has no way of knowing the lights are on flash, just that the pedestrian signals don't work. Please turn them back on.
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