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Whether it's a pothole problem, long lights or something else about your commute around St. Louis, the Road Crew has answers. Ask our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County all your questions during the weekly Road Crew chat. Join them Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 1 p.m.

  • Can you give us a better estimate of when the road repairs on I-70 between Highway 94 and Fifth Street will be finished? There is currently one lane closed in both the eastbound and westbound lanes and the eastbound traffic is terrible every morning!! We were told they should be finished by "midsummer" but can you give us a more specific date, please?
  • We are completely rebuilding the interchange on I-70 at 5th Street -- adding exit lanes at Fairgrounds and renovating the interchange on 5th Street under the interstate. Right now, we anticipate that we have several more weeks of lane closures on the interstate -- that could change depending on weather. We are still shooting to have all roads open to traffic by Thanksgiving. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Our contractor began work July 5, and has 30 calendar days to finish. Barring a spate of exceptionally bad weather, S. Eatherton will be open by early August. Our project consists of extending/building out the road to the west and installing a drainage system along the right-of-way off the east side of S. Eatherton (at the base of the hill that partially collapsed). David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • What is the current timeline for the opening of Eatherton Road between Wildhorse Creek and Centaur?
  • Recently, the local media reported that the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen approved a comprehensive city wide speed hump bill. In other words, since the SLMPD are too lazy and scared to enforce traffic laws, we get stuck with a rudimentary solution to calm traffic. The report also stated that the aldermen were actively seeking out spots for the first speed humps. Aldermen are not engineers and have zero business with this type of activity: look how we are now stuck with bicycle lanes that never get used or the overly decorative crosswalks that were deemed illegal by the Federal Highway Administration. My main question, once again, revolves around why the public was not informed of the proposition of speed humps well before it became law? This is a blatant lack of representation, just like what happens when you install bicycle lanes. I haven't always lived in the city and every where else I have lived publicizes changes/additions like this. Then there are open discussions and many opportunities to debate. Here? They let you know of the changes after they are made. I'd also like to know the Street Department's stance on this speed hump issue--surely the engineers out there are smarter than this. Thanks.
  • The Street Department has worked closely with the Board of Aldermen and the Board of Public Service for some time on developing a Traffic Calming Policy that will provide an engineering evaluation process for addressing excessive speeding and cut-through traffic on neighborhood streets. The intent of this policy is to address the issues in a consistent, organized, and professional engineered manner to avoid treating the same type of problems differently ward by ward. Speed humps are one of the many traffic calming measures we have in our tool box that have proven to be effective across the country. Please note that this new ordinance and policy does not dictate the implementation of traffic calming measures (such as speed humps) across the city, rather it is a process to identify engineered solutions to speeding and cut-through traffic in response to public concerns for safety in their neighborhoods.
  • Strong support for additional bike infrastructure exists in my department and other transportation agencies in the region. St. Louis County will continue to pursue the construction of this infrastructure when such construction is feasible from the standpoint of economics, engineering and traffic flow. Please feel free to email me at if you'd like to discuss this issue further. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Last week I saw a comment regarding that there are some bicyclists that prefer regular traffic lanes even when a bicycle lane is present. Due to our inept state legislatures, this is legal for the bicyclist. Judging by the comments, it seem quite plausible that this was common knowledge well before this bicycle lane-lane diet bull hockey started a decade or so ago. Now that you have the data that people do not ride bicycles enough to warrant these lanes, are you finished changing roadway configurations to accommodate them? Have you grown enough to stand up to the likes of GRG and Trailnet and tell them that we don't need any more bicycle lanes? Inquiring minds would like to know. Thanks.
  • Our contractor began work July 5, and has 30 calendar days to finish. Barring a spate of exceptionally bad weather, S. Eatherton will be open by early August. Our project consists of extending/building out the road to the west and installing a drainage system along the right-of-way off the east side of S. Eatherton (at the base of the hill that partially collapsed). David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • 109 or Eatherton Rd at Wild Horse Creed Rd has been closed since December of 2015 apparently due to a mud slide. Earlier this year we were told that repairs would be completed in late May or early June. Here we are. In the meantime, traffic on the old unimproved section of Wild Horse Creed Rd is dangerously busy. A bicyclist getting killed is only a matter of time. I don't get it. The apparent slide occurred during an unusual rainfall. For gosh sakes, open the road, if it starts raining (al lot) then temporarily close the road. Rains of this nature do not happen in an hour. Get something done now. Someone is going to die due to the increased traffic on the unimproved sections of Wild Horse Creek Road. Thanks
  • August 8: And, yes, our contractor is on schedule. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • When is the bridge project on Conway Road by 141 scheduled to be completed? Are they on-track to meet the completion date? Thanks!
  • Mr. Gates: I'm baffled by the need to close the ramp from W-bound 64 to S-bound 55/44 for renovation, as I was under the impression this was reconstructed to go from 1 to 2 lanes in the very recent past. Were taxpayers cheated by shoddy work here?
  • The lane closure is needed because we have work along southbound I-55/westbound I-44 for renovation of the bridge over 3rd Street, often referred to as the 3rd Street Viaduct.. The work is between the Poplar Street Bridge and Lafayette. We have to have a lane closed around the clock for that reconstruction work and have to extend that lane closure up the ramp for safety. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • when will 44 be back to 4 open lanes again?
  • We will be finished with the work on the current project this fall fall. However, we do have bridge renovation projects set for I-44 for the next several years. Many of them will include similar around the clock lane closures as we remove the driving surfaces on several bridges, renovate the bridges, complete preventative maintenance and resurface the bridges. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • When do you expect the Page Ave improvements to be completed? Are one or two lanes being added in both directions? I also hope the stoplight at Ball Ave is set up to favor Page and not the side street for just one car (or none sometimes) as is often the case and also is not stopping traffic for phantom left turns off of page.
  • We anticipate that the Page work between Scheutz and Ball will be completed in September. It adds one lane in each direction. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • One more question...about the I-44 bridge renovation.... are the other projects in the city of St. Louis, if so where and when?
  • Yes, we have several projects in the city along the I-44 corridor. Right now, we have information about work planned for next year on our web site here: We should be updating information on our web site over the next month or so to include information through 2018. Several projects were recently added to our schedule due to available funding. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • When do you plan on shutting down all the ramps at Grand and I-44?
  • We don't have a specific date set for that yet -- we anticipate that we will have two two-week periods in August or early September when we will close the ramps. We'll start with the ramps on the west side for two weeks and then move to the ramps on the east side. We are getting ready to set girders for the new southbound bridge next week. Andrew Gates, MODOT Communications
  • Is the Kingshighway bridge at Shaw still scheduled to open later this year? Also, who budgets the money for road repaving. And, why isn't there more available in the city? I'm specifically wondering why Hampton north of I-44 hasn't been repaved as well as McCausland from Arsenal north to Skinker. Both are major north-south arteries that are in horrible shape. Who should I be directing this to as a city taxpayer?
  • The Kingshighway project is still scheduled to be reopened to traffic by the end of this year. Each fiscal year, the Street Department works with local alderman to identify repaving needs and prioritize their implementation. We can only live within our means in terms of funds available for new street surfaces. The stretch of Hampton, north of I-44, that you described is being looked at as a federal grant opportunity for a range of improvements to traffic signal infrastructure and pedestrian facilities (such as improved sidewalks and crosswalks). Repaving will be built into this project rather than have it be a parallel aldermanic effort.
  • On eastbound Lafayette at Grand (SLU building), there are parking spots on the street "Reserved for Taxicabs Only". There was a hotel in the SLU building at one time, but it has been gone over a year. (And in almost 15yrs of working in that building I have only seen one cab ever parked there)

    Since the hotel is long gone, can those parking spots be freed up? Thanks.
  • You are correct that this taxi stand is no longer needed. We will look at more productive use of this as suggested. Thanks for your input!
  • Not trying to repeat myself, but once again a road hazard has been left in a bike lane that forces cyclists to hit a sharp-cut edge in a 2-inch deep pavement repair or swerve into traffic. This time it's southbound Tower Grove Ave just north of Magnolia. The whole bike lane has this cut-out. Yesterday the cyclist ahead of me hit it and blew out his tires on the edge. Luckily he didn't lose control of the bike! So I'll ask (politely!) again -- if there is any way these hazards can be marked to alert us to them until the repair is finished, so that we have time to respond? A bright orange or reflective spray of paint?
  • I have reported this issue to our street crew for investigation. Not sure without looking as to the reason (contractor?) the roadway surface is as described before we can identify an advanced warning for it. We will investigate immediately.
  • There are some potholes going south on the Shrewsbury bridge over I-44.
  • I have passed these along to our maintenance team. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
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