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Driving to work or school or just getting around town can be a chore.Make it more enjoyable with advice from the Road Crew experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County.They'll help you avoid trouble spots, navigate construction and more. Join them on Wednesday, March 22 at 1 p.m.

  • I had one follow-up from last week. MM asked about some work along Route 67 between the Lewis and Clark bridges. I received some additional information that our construction team is working on some improvements along that route to make it easier to switch northbound Route 67 to two-way traffic when southbound Route 67 becomes unsafe due to flooding. The surface treatment should be done overnight later this summer and should not require switching traffic. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • What the driver should do when involved in an accident?
  • It depends upon the crash. If it is a minor crash, the vehicles are drivable and no one is injured, move the vehicles out of the driving lanes to a safe location along the shoulder. At that point you should wait in your vehicle, call 911 from your cell phone and wait for the appropriate emergency response teams to come and help. The best thing to do, until emergency response gets there, is to wait in your vehicle with your seat belt fastened. If the car is not drivable, or there are injuries, turn on your flashers, call 911, and remain in your car with the seat belt fastened. That will help protect you from other drivers who may not be paying attention. Here is more information on Missouri's Steer It, Clear It law: Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Is their any ETA when the road work will be completed on SB 1-55/WB I-44 from I-64 to the 44/55 split? I noticed they just started this week and it seemed like the last closure/repair work lasted for 6+ months which was a traffic nightmare.
  • Crews are renovating the bridge there between the PSB and the I-44/I-55 split. That work on southbound I-55/westbound I-44 is scheduled to be complete in July; in a few weeks, we'll start on the northbound/eastbound portion of the bridge which will run April - December. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Last week I asked why there is a no right turn on red sign at Eighth and Locust. The answer guessed at a sight limitation. The construction at the intersection is over and there is no sight problem, so why is the sign still there. The answer also stated that there is not a no left turn on red sign at high pedrestrian crossing of Ninth and Olive because it is not legal to turn left on red. That is correct, but people do it all the time. A fire captain did it in his red suburban not long ago. A sign, please.
  • We are addressing removal of the temporary signage at 8th & Locust. We'll also look at the intersection of 9th & Olive regarding the conditions you described.
  • Hi
    Just a question about something I've noticed recently. The Arsenal bridge over I-55 near the AB Brewery has two lanes WB. The left lane has an overhead sign saying the lane is left-turn only to I-55 SB, but the painted arrows on the bridge show the lane as being for left turn or straight. Most drivers appear to follow the painted arrows, so just wondering if that could be cleared up somehow. Thanks!
  • I have asked our traffic team to check it out and see what we may be able to do in that area. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I'll forward your request to our Traffic Studies group for analysis. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Can you please review the intersection of Ringer and Milburn in South County for a three way stop Andy completion of remaining sidewalks? This has become a very busy intersection particularly with the expansion of the Nazareth retirement community.
  • This is in reply to "G"'s follow-up query on Valcour and Heege: I have nothing to share at the moment, G. But as soon as I do, I'll post the information here. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • There is no railing at the bottom of the 170N ramp to Forest Park Parkway. Or, rather, there is -- but it ends before the point at which a speeding car would leave the road if the driver were unaware of the sharp turn. (I know there are signs, but some people just don't pay attention). This means that if anyone leaves the road at the bottom of this ramp, they will plow straight into cross traffic that is ascending the cloverleaf to 170S. There are plenty of curb scuff marks past where the barrier currently ends, showing that it's happened repeatedly in the past.
  • I asked our traffic team to take a look at this and make sure that all the necessary guard rail is in place. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • 'G' -“Yield” signs are optional in cases like the north-bound right turn from Valcour Avenue to east-bound Heege Road. The lane you mention was a concrete patch poured by Missouri American Water as part of a water main replacement project. We have a resurfacing project scheduled to mill and overlay Heege Road starting this May. After Heege Road is resurfaced, we'll consider an alternate way to stripe the section of Heege Road between Valcour Avenue and Chivvis Drive. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • The light at Scott Avenue and Jefferson needs looking at again especially during the evening rush. Both lights at 40 turn green but there's no where to go because the light at Scott is still red and is red for a few more seconds. There's already cars that came off the highway heading south that are waiting for that light to turn green. Shouldn't the light at Scott turn green first then the lights at 40?

    Also, for the county, any word on what to do at Valcour and Heege when heading north on Valcour and then going east on Heege? There's a new lane with no signage except for a "do not enter" sign if you were heading west on Heege. Thanks!
  • Please see the following information for the most-recent update on Gravois Road. This came from St. Louis County's Department of Planning, which is spear-heading the analysis of Gravois Road for possible alterations. "I [Planning Department Director Justin Carney] wanted to bring to your attention a public meeting we are holding on Wednesday, April 5, at the Affton High School to talk with the public about the Affton/Gravois Road Great Streets study. The meeting will be an open house style, with staff and consultants available to answer questions about the study (conducted by East-West Gateway last summer), about the vision for the corridor that came out of the study, validating what the residents and business owners want to see, and ideas on how to address their issues.

    One opportunity being investigated is the possibility for MoDOT to stripe Gravois Road with a new configuration, i.e. a “road diet”. This would reduce travel lanes in certain parts of the corridor to provide space for a variety of pedestrian amenities and safety features, as well as address parking concerns. A traffic study and modeling of the road diet is being conducted now, and refinements to the proposal are being made based on the results. County DOT and MoDOT, along with County Planning, are currently investigating the options, and potential benefits and impacts at this time. No decision has been made by MoDOT, and public input from the residents and business owners will be a key factor in the final decision. At this time, the only decision that has been made is to continue investigating the options and discuss them with the public on April 5th.

    I am very excited to explore the ideas that came out of the Gravois Road Great Streets study. As you may be aware, EWG conducted 5 such corridor studies last year, and the Affton/Gravois study generated the greatest interest and largest public participation of any of the other studies. This is a testament to our dedication to public participation. There is tremendous interest by the residents and business owners to see something done along the corridor, and I see this as the first step in exploring the recommendations and making progress toward implementation. The end goal is not a road diet, that is merely one possible means to an end. The true goal is helping Affton create a sense of place, a focal point for the community, and to improve the neighborhood connectivity and safety along the corridor. The open house on April 5 is the next step in this process.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the planning study and recommendations, the traffic study and possible road diet, or the public open house. I will be out of the office on Monday, March 20, but will be available any time after that to discuss this in greater detail. For more information on the Great Streets study, please visit our project webpage at where you will find some infographics on the study and links to the study materials on EWG’s website.
  • If my memory serves me correctly there are project plans to update/beautify Gravois between Mackenzie Rd. and River Des Peres in Affton. Is there any update on when this could begin or is still in the planning stages?
  • Thank you for clarifying the Valcour/Heege Road interchange. I thought the road looked like something that possibly a utility put in but wasn't sure.

    Any word from the city on the Scott Avenue light at Jefferson during the evening rush?
  • During the evening rush hour the southbound through movement at the I-64 ramp terminates prior to that movement ending at Scott. In doing so, the last of the southbound traffic to clear the I-64 intersection is able to make it through Scott - leaving a minimal to no amount of traffic trapped between the two intersections. This gap allows room for traffic exiting the I-64 eastbound off-ramp to turn into as they are the next movement to be active after mainline terminates. To provide this type of relationship between two intersections at the END of the mainline phases often means the BEGINNING of the mainline phases may not be able to start up as you described (though ideal if it is possible to provide). The City and MoDOT will continue to monitor this though to provide the most efficient operation that we can.
  • How long should a car be left on the side of the road? On 141 northbound just after the light at Dutch Mill, there has been a car on the shoulder for almost a week. Whose responsible for towing? Police department or other? There are no plates on the car.
  • Cars shouldn't be left on the side of the road -- they tend to slow down traffic, particularly during rush periods. However, law enforcement is responsible for towing abandoned vehicles. We can work with and encourage towing when there is a safety concern with the car remaining at the location. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • For the City of STL: The on ramp to 64-East from Forest Park EB; the crumbing divider has been removed and replaced with temporary concrete barrier, thank you. What is the timeline for the completion of this construction? Also, are there any plans to resurface Forest Park, especially between Vandeventer and Sarah? Thanks!
  • I will check on the status of the FPP bridge that you described. We will know more soon about resurfacing efforts for the new fiscal year 2018 (begins in July).
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