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Unless you get to work in a helicopter, you may need some advice about navigating St. Louis roads. Ask our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County during the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 1 p.m. They can help with construction, congestion and more.

  • MoDOT is working with a group of researchers on a traffic study. The researchers are looking for adult drivers, either aged 18 to 30 or older than 60 years old to participate. They need another 15 qualified drivers for the study. If you are interested in being considered, please click the link for details and to apply:
  • When driving east on 64 and exiting to go south on Hampton - when the light turns to go right, you have to wait till the south bound traffic clears the intersection which takes about 5 to 10 seconds before you can turn right to go south / can anything be done to help the flow here - thanks
  • What timeframe are you talking about? Is it during morning or evening rush, or at any time of the day? It does sound, though, like people are rushing to get into the intersection and blocking it (which is an enforcement issue). Any additional information might be helpful to our traffic team. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • A couple of questions regarding the I-64 work west of 270:

    1) What, if any, work remains westbound? I still see "Workzone" signs and speed limits up but can't picture what work is still going on?

    2) Any schedule updates on eastbound work - what's still left other than a section of guard rail east of Mason and repaving? Why was the left lane paved weeks ago and no further paving work since then?
  • There are still some minor items that need to be completed westbound before the department can accept the roadway; the speed limit and work zone signs will remain on the westbound side. There is still work on the eastbound lanes, although it is getting wrapped up. We are still looking at that continuing through October. Crews paved one lane because it would not be impacted by any further construction, and then the equipment moved out of town for another project the contractor is working on, while crews wrapped up the work needed for the remainder of the project They should be getting back to the eastbound lanes and finishing up the repaving soon. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • This coming Monday morning (September 19), Aubuchon Road will close six-tenths of a mile west of Teson Road in Hazelwood. A St. Louis County contractor will be removing and replacing the deteriorated deck and support beams on the bridge that spans Cowmire Creek at this location. The road will remain closed through the end of November. Gershenson Construction is performing the work, under a $480,000 contract with St. Louis County. David Wrone, St. Louis County Department of Transportation
  • I know more people are using Jefferson in the city because of the construction on Grand. But we need some relief with the light at Scott Avenue during the PM rush. Olive turns green, then Pine turn greens, then Market... the ones at Hwy 40 are OK but it doesn't matter... all of it comes to a halt because the light at Scott is red and it's red for a long time. Traffic backs up to Pine Street. So it doesn't matter that all of them work like they're supposed to if the one at Scott is out of sync. Can you help? Does the city control that light or MODOT? Can't it be in sync with the other lights?
  • This intersection has been brought up in previous chats and we've continued to troubleshoot this location as the vehicle detection has been off & on operationally. As such this location is now tagged for new vehicle detection as the equipment out there today has now out lived its usefulness. We are going to install in-pavement wireless sensors and phase out the video camera detection out there. It makes it difficult to synch the traffic signals together when the side street time is varying so greatly. Once the new detection is in place we will be able to provide improved progression from one signal to the next.
  • Once again, for 12th year now I must again question MoDOT on its methods a refusals to correct an issue on EB I-44 at mile marker 260.2. Three years ago I thought they were going to correct it, when they replaced sections of concrete, but alas it was just for show. There is a ground water spring under the lanes the runs out at the edge of right lane and the shoulder, causing water to come out and freeze during winter. Commonsense does not MoDOT have? I demand it to be fixed.
  • I have passed this along to our maintenance team for that area to see if I can get any further details on possible plans. However, typically, there is not much we can do with springs near the roadway. We set our drainage to do what it can to remediate any potential problems with runoff and freezing, but water does have an annoying tendency to work its way around any blockages. We do what we can to keep the roadway safe, but dedicating large amounts of funds to "fix" a spring may be a questionable use of taxpayer funds. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I'll have our signals group investigate. If there's a malfunction, we'll repair it. Thanks for the heads up. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Stoplight timing question (for the county?) - Weekdays, around 5:00 pm, on Big Bend at Sappington, eastbound traffic turning left (south) seems to be getting more time than they need - the left turn lane seems to always get cleared out, while eastbound traffic (going straight on Big Bend) seems to, on many days, have to wait thru two cycles . . .
  • Approx 2 months ago I inquired whether flashing yellow arrows could be installed on Gravois @ Sappington. These arrows are present at Lindbergh and Gravois which is a busier intersection. Additionally, the line of sight for identifying oncoming vehicles is clear. I was informed this would be referred to traffic engineers for review. What were the results of the engineer's investigation for installing flashing arrows? Thank you for your time.
  • We will not be putting flashing left turn arrows at the intersection of Sappington and Gravois. The intersection is at an odd angle, which makes it unsafe for a yielding turn. In addition, the signal at Denny is very close and timed with the signal at Sappington. If you were able to make the left, you would still get stuck at Denny. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Jefferson -- MoDOT has a regular schedule of mowing, sweeping and spraying for weeds throughout the region. Much of the mowing is done by contract, although the sweeping and spraying is primarily completed by our maintenance team. We have close to 6,000 miles of roadway edge (median and shoulder) through the greater St. Louis area -- it can sometimes take a while to get to every shoulder and median. Usually in the spring and summer we have all our sweepers out in a continuous cycle and it still can take us up to a month to get to everything.

    There are no plans to change the ramp from Grand to westbound I-44 as a part of our Grand bridge reconstruction. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Mr. Runde - how widespread are the new LED streetlights going to be deployed? I live on a residential stretch of a major arterial that just got them, and I have to say I'm not impressed: the illumiation seems much more focused than the sodium-vapor ones, which - when combined with the dense foliage of mature trees between tham and sidewalk-level - leaves many stretches with pretty poor illumination. Combine that with significant amounts of uneven sidewalk slabs, and it seems like a bunch of tripping injuries waiting to happen. I'm also wondering if they're going to be having the same issue as traffic signals regarding partial lamp loss: if so, a half-illuminated one of those will be a much bigger safety hazard than a signal lamp that's partially burned out.
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