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Wondering if the bouncing between spring and winter temperatures will wreak havoc with the roads? The experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County answer all your questions about commuting and more in the St. Louis area. Join them on Wednesday, March 15 at 1 p.m. for answers, but you can ask your questions now.

  • I've been driving Gravois from south city toward downtown in the early afternoons recently. While it appears that the overall signal timing has improved although they are still inconsistent at best. Some days, I'll hit a ton of red lights, other days, I'll hardly stop even at the major intersections where one would anticipate stopping. I've also found running 10 mph over the speed limit is beneficial to getting more green lights. Seriously, traffic in the main stream of the timing should never stop at the smaller side streets such as Holly Hills, Christy, Bates, Taft, Meramec, Gustine, Spring, Cherokee, Utah, Compton, Arsenal, Nebraska, California, Ohio/Lynch, and McNair/Shenandoah. Of course, if I'm traveling out of the main flow, the I'd expect a few stops until I'd catch up to the main flow. You still have improvements to make along this roadway. Please help reduce the wear and tear on my car and pocket book. Thanks.
  • I'll pass your thoughts on to our construction team -- we still have signal work in the area, so until the project is completed, we will continue to hone the timing. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Good afternoon,
    Just wonder if the lights at Hampton & 44 could be checked. During evening rush, traffic from WB 44 to SB Hampton pushes through the yellow/red lights, blocking the intersection. Traffic on Hampton usually gets blocked in both directions waiting for SB Hampton to start moving again. It didn't used to happen like that, so just wondering if it can be checked. Thanks!
  • We haven't changed the timing between the two ramps from I-44 to Hampton, however, we are probably seeing some heavier traffic due to the various construction projects around the city -so the lanes are heavily loaded during evening rush period. We will put up some signs reminding drivers to not block the intersection, but ultimately, ensuring that they do that is the responsibility of law enforcement. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Last week, a reader asked: “What are the thoughts on taking one of the [westbound] thru lanes of Big Bend at Shrewsbury and making it a double left or even a shared thru/turn? Some evenings (most) the line for west to south traffic backs up past the RR overpass.” ST. LOUIS COUNTY'S REPLY: The installation of a dual left turn from westbound Big Bend Boulevard on to Shrewsbury Avenue-Key West Avenue would require 30 feet of pavement width on south-bound Shrewsbury Avenue. This pavement width is needed to limit the likelihood of sideswipe type accidents when two vehicles are simultaneously turning left. There is presently only approximately 25 feet of pavement width on southbound Shrewsbury Avenue to receive this requested westbound dual left turn.

    Also, in order to install a second left turn lane to facilitate this requested dual left turn, we would have to either (1) take a through lane away from westbound Big Bend Boulevard and restripe this lane for a second dedicated left turn lane or (2) modify the existing inside through lane to be a shared through/left turn lane and split phase the eastbound and westbound Big Bend Boulevard signal phases. Split phasing the eastbound and westbound signal phases would require separate signal phases for eastbound and westbound Big Bend Boulevard – meaning that there would be no concurrent GREEN time for east- and west-bound traffic flow. Either removing a westbound through lane or split phasing the eastbound and westbound movements at this intersection would decrease the overall efficiency of this intersection.

    For the reasons listed above, we do not recommend providing a dual left turn on westbound Big Bend Boulevard at Shrewsbury Avenue-Key West Avenue. DAVID WRONE, ST. LOUIS COUNTY
  • Thanks for hosting these chats. Any idea as to when the sidewalk replacements downtown on Washington between 7th and Broadway will be completed? I don't understand why it has taken so long. For instance, the sidewalk on the northside of the 500 block of Washington was torn up in October and it is still not finished. I don't understand why they would tear up other blocks without first finishing one before moving on to the next. The weather has been good enough for pouring concrete so certainly this should have completed by now. Is the general contractor held accountable with penalties for not finishing in a timely manner? It certainly has a negative effect on pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and with its proximity to the convention center it leaves a bad impression, although I am sure it will be nice when they finish.
  • The Washington Ave streetscape project is scheduled to be complete by fall of this year and is being managed through the St. Louis Development Corporation (SLDC). I can check on the status with them at the intersection you noted.
  • Would you please check the signal coordination on northbound Skinker at Delmar and Enright. The light at Delmar will go red while the light at Enright will stay green. When the light at Delmar goes green, Enright goes red. This is the only signal on Enright so it is not tied to any other program so I don't know why you have it setup like this and nobody has noticed yet. This happens at all times if the day every single time I drive this stretch of roadway which is usually at least once daily. Please fix immediately.
  • The Loop Trolley contractor is maintaining signal timing during the construction of the project. I will inform them of your observations. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Any updates on the April completion date of the Kingshighway bridge?
  • The Kingshighway bridge is anticipated to be open to traffic by the end of April.
  • You are welcome, Patrick! David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • @dwrone Thanks for the reply about BB@Shrewsbury. Very detailed and while its not the answer I wanted it all makes sense. Too bad the South County Connector is dead.
  • For the past couple weeks, there has been some work on US67 between the Lewis and Clark bridges. It seems they are going to move all traffic to the northbound lanes and have it one lane each direction. I am question is what work is being done that will require moving traffic to the northbound lanes and how long is it expected to take? By the way, I hope they leave the median at the north end of the Lewis bridge so it can be moved...that would have helped a couple years ago when the southbound lanes flooded just north of that bridge!
  • The work on southbound Route 67 is just a high-friction overlay that will help improve how tires grip on that section of roadway. Shifting traffic will help get the job done quicker. We will not be making any changes to the medians as a part of this project. The project should just take a few weeks to place the new overlay. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Why is there a "NO RIGHT TURN ON RED" sign at Eighth and Locust? Why is there not a "NO LEFT TURN ON RED" sign at Ninth and Olive, a high pedestrian intersection?
  • Likely at this location there was limited sight distance which prompted the no right on red installation (I believe while construction was occurring at a corner there). MO law does not specify that left turns on red are an allowable movement.
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