Ask the Road Crew

Ask the Road Crew

Make your commute or your travels around town as trouble-free as possible by asking our Road Crew all your questions about construction, congestion and more. Join the experts from MoDOT, St.Louis and St.Louis County on Wednesday, July 11 at 1 p.m. fo rthe weekly chat.

    A couple of weeks ago, we were asked: "The sides of the bridge on I-44 over Hampton is horrible. It’s silver and red. Is that rust? Can’t it be painted a uniform color? It looks a mess. Why wasn’t this fixed when you worked on that bridge a few years ago?"  What you are seeing is the red primer that was placed on the bridge when we worked on it, with the gray top coat.  Some of that gray top coat is peeling off.  We have no current plans to repaint that bridge.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    At times, I don't know what the schedule is, the dual left turn lanes from East and Westbound Manchester at Ballas get green arrows at the same time instead of being staggered like at other times. This leads to a lot of brake lights since the drivers in the outer turn lanes seem to always be heading for a collision, It may just be an optical illusion and there's plenty of room, but it seems that the staggered left turns is the safer and more efficient way to use there.
    We do vary the left turns by time of day to help make sure that traffic moves well along Manchester when traffic volumes are high.  There should be enough room for four lanes to turn at the same time, but we'll ask our design team to check and make sure that there is ample space for four lanes of traffic to turn here.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    The piers for the Champ Clark Bridge don't look that sturdy. Is that a two or four lane bridge?
    The pathway leading from Lacledes Landing to the new museum has no benches to sit on! A 93 yr. old friend just about passed out with no place to stop and rest. Many people will miss the parking garage! That would have been closer!
     The current Champ Clark Bridge in Louisiana is one lane in each direction. We regularly monitor our bridges to ensure that they remain safe.  The Champ Clark Bridge is scheduled to be replaced.  You can see more details here:

     The decisions made on the new Arch Grounds were overseen by Gateway Arch Foundation.  Any suggestions should be passed along to them or the National Park Service.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications

    The traffic lights at Ninth and Locust are flashing red in all directions. That means that the motorists do not stop, because nobody in St. Louis stops for a stop sign. This is a very high pedestrian crossing and functional traffic lights make crossing the street safer. Please turn the lights back on.
    This question is for the City. I live near Francis Park and quite often I see people driving go-karts on the streets near the park, including minors. Is it legal to drive go-karts on City streets?
  • The signal at 9th and Locust was involved in a crash and one of the poles was struck.  The signal was placed on fail safe red-flash until we can repair it.  The work is being conducted this week and the signal will be returned to its normal operations.  We're sorry for the inconvenience during this interim time period.
  • I wasn't clear in my question about the Camp Clark Bridge! I was referring to the new piers and wonder if they are to support two or four lanes of traffic. I saw pics of the new bridge, how generic!
  • It's a little outside our area, so I am checking with the team that is overseeing the project to verify.  Right now, it has about 20 foot of driving surface.  The new bridge driving surface is more than double that at 44 feet.  It looks like they are putting one lane in each direction with wide shoulders. The new bridge does meet the basic goal of the project -- getting traffic across the Mississippi River in both directions.  There are a lot of projects needed around the state, and limited funding to build those products, and aesthetics are often funded by the surrounding communities.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • MODOT has been installing the crossover cables 3 feet from the left lane on hwy 61 in Lincoln co making the road very unsafe and taking over a year on the rt P overpass.
  • I am not sure what your question is here.  Guard cables help prevent cars from crossing over the median.  They have to be placed in such a way as to safely prevent cars from crossing into, or over,  the median.  Major construction projects, such as the new overpass at Route P, take a significant amount of time, especially if you are minimizing the impact to the heavy amount of traffic that uses Route 61 during morning and evening rush. Some of the overpass will be complete this year, but the entire project continues through next year.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Community
  • The stoplight at Page and Ball/Westport Center Dr is maddening. There are constant phantom/ghots lights from the side streets during off peak hours in the evening. Especially coming eastbound. You can be at the light at Page and Shuetz and by the time you have made it to Ball/Westport, that light has cycled 2-3 times for no cars. This has been going on for a long time. Could you PLEASE address it. The speed limit is 55 MPH and its no fun having to stand on the brakes at the last minute!
  • I've asked out signal team to check into this and make sure all the signals are working correctly.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • You guys waste huge amounts of money on things that don't need to be done, like digging a trench and putting gravel in the middle of the medium. Vote no on the tax increase !
  • You don't share any specifics about your statement-- which roadway are you talking about? If you are talking about Route 61, that is where guard cable is going.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT  Communications
  • I had asked a question a while back concerning the intersection of Tesson Ferry and Musick/Green Park. You indicated the configuration was correct because there are two lanes on Tesson Ferry; one for traffic turning left from Musick and one for traffic turning right from Green Park. Apparently, people don't understand this, because they immediately move to the farther traffic lane or stop at the right turn green light. At other times of the day, the light turns green for Green Park traffic first, allowing it to clear before turning green for Musick traffic. Why can't it be that way in the morning as well? Thanks.
  • In the moning and at midday, these signals are set up so that the left turns come up at the end of the cycle.  In the evening, the left turn on westbound Green Park comes up first, giving it a head start on Musick (which doesn't have a green left arrow).  This helps improve the flow of traffic on Tesson Ferry. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communciations

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