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Will there be anything out there to slow you down on your Memorial Day weekend? Ask the MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County experts all your commuting and getting around questions to make your Memorial Day memorable for all the right reasons. Join the Road Crew chat at 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 25.

    Thank you for your information. I understand about the different traffic patterns during the day. Wouldn't you agree that in the morning the east bound traffic should flow better and conversely in the evening the west bound traffic should flow better? It seems silly to get stopped at every single light in less than a 2 mile stretch. It's a waste of fuel economy and time.
    Traffic volumes are bi-directional throughout the day on Forest Park Parkway (between Vandeventer and Kingshighway) at 600 vehicles per hour (vph) in each direction during the AM peak hour and 800 vph in each direction during the PM peak hour.  These are the most difficult to develop coord plans for as you can't be biased for one direction of flow.
    Good afternoon, I work downtown and everday there is a Snarf's delivery car blocking a lane in traffic on eastbound Washington near 6th street. As such, this has an effect on vehicular traffic and a residual effect on pedestrian traffic especially on game days in the afternoon. From what I can tell the driver parks illegally there despite the no parking and tow-away zone signs and does not just run in to pick up the next delivery. He is usually there for several minutes until the next delivery is ready to go. Can someone speak to the manager and if he is going to park illegally he should do it on 6th street where it would have less of an impact on traffic but I suppose that the driver is too lazy for that. Perhaps ticketing and towing would send the message. Thanks.
    We will notify the manager of the Snarf's of the parking restrictions along Wash Ave in the area adjacent to their location.  We will also inform police and treasurer's office of parking enforcement along Wash Ave.
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