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Do speed bumps bum you out? Are roundabouts getting you down? Ask the experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County all your commuting questions to make getting around easier. Join the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 1 p.m.

  • Last week, a Road Crew reader asked about our repaving plans for Hale and Radio Drives in Affton. This work is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2019 based upon our current projections of available funding for subdivision street work and the number of subdivision streets County-wide that are rated in similar or worse condition. The streets for our 2019 subdivision work plan will be finalized in late Summer 2018, and I encourage the reader to check back with us at that time for an update on the schedule for Hale Drive and Radio Drive. My email address is David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • The Missouri Department of Transportation is looking for Missouri citizen’s thoughts on its long-term priorities across the next 25 years. MoDOT’s long-range transportation plan is a document that sets the state’s 25-year vision for transportation. Although the current plan was approved in February 2014, new Federal laws and regulations require additional content. Missouri is gathering the public’s thoughts on the plan through an online survey tool. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and will remain available through October 11. If you would like to participate, please take the survey by visiting


    A new MetroQuest configuration is coming soon!
    on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Visit a local public library or the MoDOT district office in the St. Louis region if you need access to a computer. Paper copies of the survey are also available at the MoDOT District Office at 1590 Woodlake Drive in Chesterfield. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications.
  • Last week, one of the chat room participants asked about backups on the ramp from westbound I-64 to southbound Route 141. I checked with our traffic experts and they are working on evaluating some different timing plans to try to move more traffic on the ramp to southbound Route 141. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • These entrances are being put in for the PGA Championship tournament to be played next August at the country club's golf course. It's my understanding that they are temporary, and will be removed after the tournament. However, I'll double check on that and reply back next week if that's not the case. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • It looks like Bellerive County Club off Mason Road is putting in 2 entrances to the County Club from Mason Road. Did they get the necessary permission to connect two entrances to Mason Road? Why is it needed? They've been there for decades and have been fine with what they've had.
  • On the northbound Olive exit of hwy. 141, going east. Since this was opened I have seen a minimum of 30 accidents. It's when a car is exiting but then sees cars are coming on Olive eastbound so they stop. The second car in line is looking back to see if the road is clear and assumes the first car is on its way. But, the first car has stopped and the second car rear ends the first car. Isn't there anything that could be done to improve that exit?
  • There are two places where drivers need to yield on the ramp from NB Route 141 to EB Olive Boulevard -- first at the crosswalk and then at Olive. Thee crosswalk has a ‘Yield Here to Pedestrians’ sign and the Olive has a normal ‘Yield’ sign. There are yield bars at the crosswalk, and we are looking at having a second set striped near the yield for Olive. We will also verify that there is a "Yield Ahead" sign on the ramp. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Is the ramp work from northbound 55 to the Poplar street bridge going to include adding a second lane? This really needs to happen. There is room now since the ramp from I-44 was discontinued. Currently, there are horrendously long backups and many last-second lane cutters that make this such a dangerous ramp. A second lane would alleviate this problem. Please say it is so!
  • Yes, the new ramp from northbound I-44/eastbound I-44 to eastbound I-64 at the Poplar Street Bridge will have two lanes when it is complete. In addition, we will be adding an extra lane onto the PSB headed eastbound across the bridge next year. Drivers heading east will have five lanes across the bridge. Two are from eastbound I-64, one will be from the 6th Street ramp and two will be from northbound I-55. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Similar to the concern on last week's chat about NB Grand, there is an issue with traffic light sequencing and traffic turning on SB Grand.

    In the evening rush hour, traffic turning from WB Park to SB Grand will back up the intersection. The light on Grand at WB Park will then change to green, but traffic can't proceed because the next light (at EB Park) does not turn green for 10-15 seconds.

    Could it be looked into having the SB Grand light at EB Park turn green earlier to allow that backlog to clear out and not hold up the traffic north of WB Park?
  • Last week we had comments on the ability of traffic to turn from Shaw onto NB Grand during the morning. We performed peak period observations and verified this condition was occurring. Our traffic engineers implemented a timing change to create a gap for traffic exiting Shaw to fill in on along Grand. It seems to have improved the condition, but we'll continue to monitor it. That said, we will take the same approach for the condition you describe on Grand at Park in the afternoon rush period. Thanks for the heads up to this condition.
  • The 'canned answer' you reference is the only answer I have to provide at this time. Currently, we have no plans to add the additional lane that you've requested. But our personnel are on site on a regular basis, observing the flow of traffic and identifying potential issues that supplemental work could resolve. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • As someone who has lived in the west side of Webster Groves, for greater than 30 years, I do not understand the need to have restriped Big Bend Blvd.

    Can you at least put a 2nd eastbound lane from Berry to Grant Road. I see near misses constantly. I know your canned answer is you are monitoring it.
  • Why aren't there yielding left turn lights to get on I-364 at Mo. Bottom / Arena Parkway? Thanks,
  • Why are there two different types of crosswalk striping along Hampton? also, why was the continental striping not installed at all the intersections.
  • There are two lanes turning left there. It's not safe to have yielding left turns with multiple lanes. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Continental-style crosswalks are being installed on newly reconstructed curb ramps as they occur. Hampton has some locations like this, but also has some much older curb ramps where you will see traditional crosswalks. When the federal project for Hampton occurs, the sidewalks, curb ramps, traffic signals, etc will be reconstructed/upgraded and will include continental crosswalks throughout the corridor.
  • When will the signal at Workman/W 5th Street in Eureka be turned on?
  • That is a part of a permit project with the development there. The developer installed the signal when they were doing the roadwork, but will not be turning it on until they reach a certain level in the build out (about 75 percent) . Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • do we know when the federal project will occur
  • I anticipate an application to be submitted next spring for the improvement program. With this being a federal program there is a process and associated time with it. The trade off for that is that there is only a 20% local match required versus paying for the project in its entirety. The paving that occurred was a separate effort through local aldermen pooling funds together to improve this stretch of Hampton, from Wilson to Oakland.
  • RE: Hampton... What is the federal project that you're referring to? What is the timeline on that project? Will the area between 44 and Arsenal get repaved? It really needs it especially the southbound lanes.
  • The federal program is the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) federal grant program. It is an annual effort that agencies from the five county area apply for in order to help fund their respective infrastructure improvements to items that contribute towards lowering vehicle emissions from unnecessary vehicular delays (excessive stops, long idling time). Typical timeframe can be about three years - starting from application, through engineering design, to completion of construction.
  • More and more often, people are causing dangerous and frustrating situations by illegally using a right-turn only lane or bike lane as a straight-through lane at popular intersections - solely because they don’t think they have to wait in line behind the rest of us safe and legal drivers. Near wrecks, speeding, near collisions with bikers and pedestrians, etc. This is particularly egregious on Gravois and Jefferson.

    Wondering what steps you can take to stop these illegal maneuvers. Perhaps using cameras at the intersection to ticket violators? Maybe some sort of barrier or bollards to ensure the right-turn only lane cannot proceed straight forward?
  • Overly aggressive drivers can be frustrating -- I have seen drivers who go through an intersection by making two, very negligible, right turns (basically cutting across the arterial road while traffic is stopped.) Ideally, that is an issue for law enforcement. At this moment, cameras aren't a viable option (MoDOT has no authority to place that type of camera on our property at this time). Other traffic control devices you suggest make it more challenging to plow snow and maintain the roadways. We do continue to look for ways to make roadways safer for all users. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I notice that LED street lights are replacing existing lights along Olive between I-170 and Lindbergh. Why are not all the street lights not being replaced with the new LED lights?
  • We do have limited LED lighting at a location on Olive that was installed as a part of the project. As a whole, MoDOT isn't using LED lighting yet -- we're still going through the evaluation process to determine if it is cost-effective. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Is there a method used to determine which lane is closed when performing highway work? A specific example is the work on I-44 over the railroad tracks near Shrewsbury. It seems to me (based on the work that has occurred on this stretch over the past few years) that traffic seems to flow more smoothly when the right lane is the lane that is closed. Traffic seems to back up further when the left lane is closed. Currently, I notice quite a backup during evening rush westbound and not much of a backup at all during morning rush eastbound. I imagine there are many things that could explain the phenomenon. I also realize practicality likely plays a role with lanes having ended at exits with recent closures (not the case with the current closure). I would like to petition for the right lane to be closed in both directions as opposed to the left lane for future projects.

    There are a lot of variables that go into making the determination of which lane is closed -- curves in the roadway, how far one can see, and where it makes sense to start tapering (or placing the equipment to close the lane) to name just a few. That is typically determined during the design portion of the project, although our construction teams can work with the contractor to make calculated changes. We like to close the outside lane where possible, but here, due to the curve in the road and the slight hills, it was safer to close the inside lane heading west. We will have to close the same lanes when we do the work on the eastbound bridge next year. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Will the far right lane of 270N between Manchester and Hwy 40 be resurfaced ?
    Thank you.

    No, we will not be placing any asphalt on the concrete in the lane between Manchester and I-64. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
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