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Summer is driving season so get all your questions about getting around St. Louis answered before you head out. Ask our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis county in the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, May 16 at 1 p.m..

    When will the fifth lane on the PSB open?
    When can we expect the fifth lane on the PSB to open?
    That fifth lane will be open by the end of the year.  We have to complete the work to connect the two bridges and fill in the space between the two bridges. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    I was really happy last August to see the new Big Bend bridge over I-270 in Kirkwood with its new sidewalks and bicycle lanes. Unfortunately, the eastbound bike lane quickly became so full of sand, small rocks, glass, metal pieces, etc., that it is essentially not usable. The westbound bike lane is better, but still has quite a bit of debris in it. (I have seen street sweepers in Kirkwood, but they must not sweep Big Bend, or not very often, because the lane has been this way for months.)
    I emailed the MODOT engineer in charge of pedestrian and bicycle issues, but haven't gotten a reply.
    I think it is great that MODOT is creating bike lanes, but I hope that the actual execution can be better in the future. It doesn't make sense to spend money on lanes that collect so much debris that they can't be used.
    I have passed your comments along to our maintenance team.  Lanes like the one on Big Bend over I-270 can be  a bit challenging because they often require a more manual effort to clean them, due to the conditions.  As we transition from winter into spring (or perhaps summer, as seems to be the case this year), our crews are often working other high priority tasks such as patching potholes, cleaning litter off the roadway, flushing salt and other chemicals off the bridge driving surfaces and drains, as well as many other tasks.  In the future, you can call our customer service line at 275-1500 and pass the information along to them and they can have our maintenance team check out the lanes. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    In last week's chat, I replied to a South County resident that our department would be installing crosswalk signs and crosswalk pavement markings on Musick Avenue, at Hayden Hills Drive. This was incorrect. Our traffic studies group will conduct a crosswalk study on Musick once our project on that road (and its intersection with Gravois) is complete later this year. This study will determine if a crosswalk is warranted on Musick, and, if so, where it should go. There may be a more suitable location than at Hayden Hills Drive. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but what are the plans to resurface Big Bend between Manchester and I-64? The road surface is terrible along the whole stretch and getting worse by the week. If there are no plans for resurfacing, there need to be.
    We do in fact have an improvement project scheduled for Big Bend, from Manchester north to Delmar. Work is expected to begin this fall, and will be complete in the fall of '19. Once the job is finished, Manchester will have new pavement between Manchester and Delmar, new sidewalks (where needed) and many dozens of new wheelchair accessible ramps. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Thanks for hosting these weekly chats. There is a retaining wall on southbound Laclede Station Rd just south of Laclede Groves Rd. that has been crumbling and leaning for about three years. When we had the torrential rains in late December about two or three years ago I noticed the hill sliding towards the road. Not sure if the wall belongs to the state, county or Webster Groves. Your thoughts? Thanks.
  • We are currently designing a "fix" for this listing wall that will involve the removal of the existing structure and construction of a much denser and inflexible wall. Work will begin next year at the latest. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Good day, and thanks for hosting these chats. I was at the shopping center at I-55 and Loughborough recently. While driving on the back of the parking lot, I noticed the the concrete "panels" for lack of a better term, that are underneath the bridge of I-55 that runs adjacent to the parking lot, are jumbled out and out of place. I don't know if this is dangerous or not or if it comprises the structure underneath the bridge, but figured that I would report it.
  • Are you speaking about the bridge over the railroad track? I have asked our maintenance team to check that area out.  Typically, panels such as that are part of retaining walls and shouldn't impact the safety or structure of the bridge. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • As a general reminder, this is a moderated chat, which means that the three organizations participating (MoDOT, St. Louis County and the city) see the questions as they are posted.  It may take us a little time to research a response, and, depending on what may be going on in the organization, we may be checking in on the chat as we can to respond to questions.  If you don't see your question on the chat immediately, it doesn't mean it didn't go through, but that the appropriate agency is working on it, or hasn't immediately checked the chat.  Thanks!  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Forest Park @ Spring: In both the morning (630A) and evening (530P) it is not synced with the rest of the lights on Forest Park. As soon as you get through Vandeventer, the light at Spring turns red. The light also seems very long for maybe 2 cars max waiting at the light. Thanks!
  • We will check timing during both the morning and afternoon peak plans along Forest Park in that vicinity.
    This question is for the City. At the corner of Nottingham and Donovan, in the pedistrian crosswalk, there is a large dip for a water line repair some time ago. It qualifies as a pothole now. Can this be filled in with rock and then paved over?
  • I saw that yesterday and it is in our patch list
    Going eastbound on Meramec Station Road at 141 and turning left, the double turn lanes direct you to the farthest right lanes. You don't see this-usually you turn into the left most lanes. I know the left lane ended at 44 westbound, but now the right lane ends at 44 westbound. Can you take a look at those tiger tracks and see if they're safest for the intersection? Thanks!
    Those are correct, if I understand the Meramec Station Road entrance of which you speak, just south of the I-44/141 interchange. There are several places where Meramec Station Road enters 141. We have a lot of traffic turning left from that area that is either heading directly to eastbound or westbound I-44 (which they can now do at South Highway Drive, or by using the new loop ramp.  By pushing the turn out wider, that minimizes people having to get over one more lane to hit the ramps for the interstate.  There are still a few more adjustments to the intersection, but those adjustments are primarily paint.  As we make the changes to the 141 and I-44 interchange over the next month, we will continue to monitor the flow of traffic and verify that everything is working correctly. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Is there a plan to modify the Geyer/Big Bend intersection. It is a dangerous mess for cars and pedestrians.
    Unfortunately, due to the fact that railroad tracks bisect both Geyer and Big Bend very close to the roads' intersection, our options for improvements are extremely limited, if not non-existent. We presently have no projects planned for this intersection. David Wrone, St. Louis County
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