Ask the Road Crew

Ask the Road Crew

They can't help if you run out of gas, but they can help with shortcuts, congestion queries and more. Join the Road Crew of experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County with all your St. Louis commuting questions on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 1 p.m.

    Original question/answer copied below. I'm talking about the current condition of the pavement that is the result of utility repairs from two or three YEARS ago. Now it's so rough NOBODY drives in the right-hand, north-bound lane between Christy & Chippewa. It might not be a bad idea for you to go drive that section yourself. In the right lane. At 35-40mph. In your OWN vehicle (not one paid for by taxpayers).

    Are you referring to the utility work going in that area or the normal pavement condition?
    by Steve Runde 12:28 PM


    Any update at all regarding the condition of Kingshighway south of Chippewa/north of Christy? The right lane, northbound, is in deplorable condition. Beyond deplorable. The "repairs" from chasing a gas leak are failing, and there are "changes" in the surface that are worse than speed bumps. Since speed bumps are illegal in the city, why are these "fake speed bumps" allowed to remain?
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