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Will pothole season be much of anything after our mild winter? Ask the Road Crew that and any other commuting questions. Join the weekly chat at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29.

  • For MoDot - love the new Grand bridge, major improvement. However the striping is already fading, do you have a plan to restripe with better paint? Thank you.
  • Thanks -- we appreciate that you like the new bridge. Since the work finished so late last year, our contractor had to put in temporary striping. That should get touched up in the next few weeks when the weather permits. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • A couple of weeks ago the traffic light on Watson that faces right turning northbound Mackenzie Rd. traffic onto eastbound Watson was turned back into it correct position. I wanted to make you aware that it got turned again. No longer facing in the correct position. Thanks.
  • I have passed that along to our signal team to take a look at it. You can call in items such as that to our customer service team. We have live individuals answering the phone 24/7 -- just call 1-888-ASK-MODOT. Thanks! Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • What is the status of removing the concrete barrier on Watson road through Crestwood?
  • Crestwood has hired a consultant to study the removal of those. MoDOT has not yet seen the study. Once we do, we can determine if we will support removing the median. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Thank you Andrew. I have another question -- when can we anticipate the new Gravois signals to be timed to the current speed limit? Thanks!
  • The signals are timed for the current speed limits along Gravois -- not, however, how people are driving Gravois. The challenge is that we still have nine signals along the route in the city that need to be rebuilt. These nine signals don't have detection, so traffic could get released early from one of the new signals (because it does have detection) and still get stopped by the timing plan on one of the older signals. The route will need to be retimed once the new surface and striping plan goes into effect. We don't have any funding identified to rebuild the remaining signals on Gravois in the city, but it is a priority for the route. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Last week, Mike asked about when the median that was crumbling on the Forest Park Parkway ramp to I-64 would be replaced. The department replaced the median with barrier to help protect a curb inlet at the end of the median. We will be repairing that as a part of a project that will start next year to resurface I-64 between Vandeventer and 21st Street. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I know no one is here from IDOT (why won't they participate?), but is there any update on the MLK Connector that should have had its first stage completed last November?
  • All of us here are at the invitation of the Post-Dispatch -- I haven't heard from the Post if they have invited IDOT, or what IDOT's interest in participating would be. The last I heard about the MLK Connector was that they had some construction delays last year that prevented completion of the work in the right lane, but that it should be complete in early spring. Once the right lane was completed, they are to move to the left lane. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I wrote last week regarding the light at Jefferson and Scott. I completely understand your first part of the answer “During the evening rush hour the southbound through movement at the I-64 ramp terminates prior to that movement ending at Scott. In doing so, the last of the southbound traffic to clear the I-64 intersection is able to make it through Scott - leaving a minimal to no amount of traffic trapped between the two intersections. This gap allows room for traffic exiting the I-64 eastbound off-ramp to turn into as they are the next movement to be active after mainline terminates.” I

    It’s this traffic that is now stopped at Scott while the traffic at 40 has the green light but can’t move because the light at Scott is still red. The light at Scott should turn green a few seconds before the lights at 40 so the traffic you described “This gap allows room for traffic exiting the I-64 eastbound off-ramp to turn into as they are the next movement to be active after mainline terminates.” can move first then the cars at 40 have room to move.

    The light at Scott needs to be looked at again. You have all the traffic backed up on Jefferson trying to move but the light at Scott is red and there’s no traffic on Scott.

    Of course the light at Choteau should turn green earlier so that the cars can move through that light as well. There are very few north south routes through the city. That one is very busy at night with cars trying to get to 44/55.
  • This week & next we will review traffic signal coordination along this area of Jefferson.
  • Now is the time to get on the infrastructure bandwagon! I70 began in St Charles county, it's only fitting for the first phase of interstate rebuilding to start there and go clear across the state! Also, I've asked before, and haven't had a satisfactory reply, about turning Highway 50 into an interstate. About 40% of it is already four lanes, it would go through the state Capital, it would open that area up for more commerce and it would help relieve the mess on I70! Now is the time to think big! I'm tired of seeing all the money spent for roads going to the eastern seaboard, California, and if you look at Illinois you wonder why they have so many interstates. What's that all about?
  • Updating infrastructure such as you describe takes a great deal of funding. Missouri continues to have a long-term transportation funding issue. At this time, MoDOT can maintain the roadway that we currently have available, but we have no extra funding for expanding the system. Missouri does continue to We are continuing to work with legislators and communities to share the need.To this point, Missouri continues to get at least as much money from Federal transportation funding as we put in -- our biggest concern in the future is the state match for federal funding (the 20 percent of the funding the state needs to provide). As far as U.S. 50 becoming an interstate, there have been higher priorities as a state. Every five years, we go through a process to determine the state's long-term transportation goals. You can see the most recent version of that here:
    Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Just wanted to say much thanks for the lane-separating pylons on Northbound Lemay Ferry from Forder. I think they're working great. Traffic is moving much smoother there now. There is still an occasional motorist who stops in the lane coming from Forder, but most drivers now understand how the intersection is designed. A nice, inexpensive solution to a chronic problem.
  • You are very welcome! We still have some striping work to complete to help make it more evident. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Thanks Steve. I'm sure I speak for the hundreds of motorists along Jefferson during the evening rush that it is greatly appreciated.
  • Ever since the road work at Vandeventer and the exit from eastbound hwy 40/64 toward the south, the timing on the lights at Choteau was changed. There are also now two left turn lanes. In the early morning, traffinc sitting at the Chotueu light, to make a left turn sometimes sits for almost two minutes, with no traffic coming either way on Choteau or heading north on Vandeventer . Can someone check the timing of the lights at this intersection? I have seen many cars go through the red light because they are tired of sitting there.
  • I've asked the traffic team to check out the signal and make sure everything is operating correctly and see what adjustments they may be able to make. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Hello! When is Forest Park and Kingshighway supposed to be completed? It's interesting watching it happen. I'll be glad when it's open. Then all we need is the Kingshighway bridge at Shaw to be completed!
  • Kingshighway & FPP construction should be completed in August barring any unforeseen issues.
  • For the City - why do so many of the streets near the Grand MetroLink station have No Parking signs? Parking could fit on one side of the street on Scott as well as additional areas on Theresa. Thanks.
  • One of our staff is looking into this today.
  • The ramp from I-270 westbound onto I-170 Southbound condenses from 2 lanes to one. However, some traffic from I-270 eastbound onto I-170 southbound wants to get in that center lane, well before the far left lane merges in the center lane, causing an unnecessary and dangerous congestion. Is there anything to alleviate this situation?

    Also, continuous sidewalks are desperately needed on Bellefontaine Rd., basically from St. Cyr to Chambers Rd., and from Coburg Lands to the north side of I-270. There's basically a 1' wide shoulder in spots, and no lighting.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
  • We have no plans to make any improvements at the I-270/I-170 interchange -- there's very little you can do so minimize that issue. Unfortunately, you are experiencing the tendency of people to jockey for position early to get onto I-170.

    Various agencies have responsibility for Bellefountaine Road -- for instance, our responsibility is right around the I-270 area. We are looking at improving sidewalks on roadway around I-270 as a part of our on-going I-270 North project. At this point, it is a matter of finding the funding to implement the plan. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I have forwarded your request to our Division of Highway Planning. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns with St. Louis County. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • A continuous sidewalk is needed on Bellefontaine Rd. between St. Cyr Rd. and the north side of I-270. There is practically no shoulder whatsoever in spots, and no lighting. It's bad for pedestrians and bicycles.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.
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