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  • What's the hold up on the asphalt overlay on I-64? They've done two lanes each direction between Chesterfield Parkway and Timberlake Manor but nothing since. When driving into the sun on that stretch of I-64 the lanes are very hard to see - last weekend we were driving through around 5 and many cars were straddling lanes because they couldn't tell where they were supposed to be.
  • The crews started with removing and replacing the existing asphalt between Chesterfield Parkway and Timberlake Manor and then pulled back to east of I-270 to do the full overlay on westbound I-64. They are working their way west. They are working overnight Monday through Friday as weather and incidents permit. We expect them to be complete with the westbound overlay sometime in mid July. In early August, we anticipate the crews to be on eastbound I-64 where there is no widening (west of Route 141) and then move into the rest of the eastbound lanes when the widening work is done (probably sometime in September). Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Every evening I take I-64 EB to MO-141 SB. There are two lanes for turning right - one is a through/right with "no right on red", the other is a right-only with a yield sign. Even though I only pass through that intersection five times each week, during that week I will see at least one of the following behaviors:

    - Car makes illegal right turn on red from through/right lane, almost colliding with SB traffic or with cars from the right-only lane.
    - Car makes right turn from right-only lane without yielding to SB traffic, apparently thinking it's an added lane. SB traffic is forced to brake/swerve to avoid.
    - Car in right-only lane pulls into the SB lane while checking for SB traffic, apparently not knowing where the lane starts. SB traffic is forced to brake/swerve to avoid.
    - Car makes right turn on green from through/right lane into rightmost lane, almost colliding with traffic from right-only lane (should be going to left or center lane).
    - Car makes right turn on green from right-only lane into center lane, almost colliding with traffic from through/right lane (should be going to right lane).
    - Car refuses to make right turn on red from right-only lane because they incorrectly think the "no right on red" sign applies to them.

    Usually these are all near misses, though it's not unusual to see cars sitting on the shoulder after a collision.

    I understand that there's only so much you can do about bad driver behavior, but the fact that this intersection has been open for months and these incidents are still occurring so frequently indicates that there's a bigger design issue. Is MODOT investigating these issues and what is being done to resolve them?
  • We have removed one of the existing "No Turn on Red" signs and the signal head that was directly above it. This sign and signal head were causing drivers in the right-turn only lane to stop and wait for a green light. The change should reduce driver confusion. We are also working up updating the striping to show where the right-only lane ends and the SB 141 lane begins. In addition, we will be installing a "Yield Ahead" sign further up the ramp, to warn drivers in the right-turn only lane that they are approaching a yield condition. One other quick note -- this is the exact same set up for that intersection as before the work on Route 141. Nothing has changed for the people who make the right turn from EB I-64 to SB I41. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Want to make you aware that the pedestrian signal at Mackenzie and Gravois appears to be leaning. It's the one closest to Dairy Queen.
  • I have passed this along to our team to check. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • From reading NextSTL, I understand the intersection of Kingshighway and Forest Park Ave will be reconstructed as an at-grade intersection. Putting aside that for the most part I think this is a good idea and should have been done a while ago, why has there not been any consultation with the general public? Does BJC/WU have carte blanche approval to just do whatever they want with public streets and right-of-way without the support of nearby residents, businesses, or other affected parties?
  • For those that aren't aware, the improvements at the intersection of Kingshighway & Forest Park Parkway that you refer to are part of the "WUMC Campus Renewal Project". This project will bring Forest Park Parkway to "at-grade" versus east-west traffic traveling under Kingshighway as it does today. In doing so, the intersection itself will be greatly improved to provide a better link for pedestrians and bicyclists (currently no direct access available) between the campus on the east side of Kingshighway and Forest Park on the west side, while also facilitating full vehicular access at the intersection (in contrast to the circuitous route you may have to take under its current configuration). BJC/WU has properly coordinated their design efforts with the City for improving this area for their campus, nearby residents, and businesses. Following construction you will see an urban intersection focused on improving the area for users of all modes of transportation.
  • A couple of weeks ago I commented that when the traffic signal turns green on northbound McCausland and Oakland the next signal at Clayton/I64 stays red for about 15 seconds. This is causing the intersection of McCausland and Oakland to be blocked until the next light is green. This is happening during the morning rush Monday-Friday.
    The reply from the city is that the traffic signal at McCausland and Oakland has been repaired and is back in synchronization with the adjacent signal at Clayton/I64. The problem still exists.
  • When this issue was reported, we had communications failure to the intersection which meant that the time synchronization for the signals on McCausland at Oakland and at Clayton/I-64 could not occur (as both signals need to communicate via fiber optics to the same time reference in our management center). This issue was resolved that same day. Since this problem is apparently continuing, there may a secondary issue. Since communications are still intact (just verified), we might have a vehicle detection malfunction on one of the minor approaches that may cause unneeded time to be given to the side street with no activity present (as a fail-safe when it malfunctions - versus skipping the movement). We will check the issue. If communications are intact and detection IS working, the target will not be moving so the timing itself can then be examined. Thanks for your comments!
  • The arrows for Market at Compton must be on a timer rather than detection because they are woefully inadequate during the PM rush (both directions). In addition, SB Compton gets more green time than traffic dictates at this time. I say it must be on a timer because I've reported this three times to the CSB now and it's been claimed to be fixed. I think it seemed to work for a day but then reverted to broken again. This problem is made even worse when the Chaifetz has an event, having to wait through three cycles before getting to make a turn as traffic backed all they way back to Berthold. Are you familiar with the CSB reports and repairs/defects at this intersection?
  • I will see what work has been done at this location through the CSB efforts and follow up with a technician in the field to continue the troubleshooting of the video detection to make sure the issue is resolved. The nature of vehicle detection, whether using video cameras or in-pavement sensors, is that there can often be inconsistencies in the way the problem presents, which makes it incredibly hard to troubleshoot. We will get this issue fixed though.
  • The temporary striping on Page between Ball and Schuetz is not visible when driving into the sun in the morning and afternoon. The only thing that is visible is the old stripes that have been painted over in black. Its very dangerous if you are riding along the left lane with the jersey barriers inches from your car and the guy on the right of you thinks the old lines are the current ones. Can something be done to hide the old lines better and make the new temp ones more visible?
  • I have passed this along to our construction team working on that project to take a look at to see if anything may be able to be done. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Regarding the changes to Forest Park Pkwy to make it at grade with Kingshighway. All the benefits sound swell. I am just curious if this is at grade that probably equals another stoplight. Won't this cause more congestion?
  • The project you mention does bring Forest Park Parkway to an at-grade configuration. There is a signal at the intersection already that will be modified to include full access from all four directions now. This will require revising the traffic signal timing plans on the Kingshighway signals in this area to ensure proper progression is provided to prevent congestion.
  • Thank you so much for painting crosswalks at Lansdowne and Wabash!
    There was another crosswalk on Washington east of Grand that ends in a driveway. Is there an update on it?
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