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Late October means it's getting dark earlier, deer can be on the road and all sorts of commuting complications could emerge. Ask our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County all your commuting questions in the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, Oct 26 at 1 p.m.

    One quick note from a couple weeks ago. One of the chat participants asked about installing flashing yellow arrows at WB Lafayette to SB I-55. There are two left turn lanes (turning onto Truman) that have a good distance to turn at that intersection -- installing flashing yellow arrows with that condition aren't safe. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    The driving surface of Chippewa/Watson is MoDOT's responsibility. I have asked our team to check out and patch the potholes. We have no plans at this time for a new surface on Chippewa/Watson in this area for the forseeable future. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Thanks for hosting these chats. Is there still guardrail to be installed along EB I-64 just West of the Mason overpass where the newly exposed bedrock/bluffs jut out? The proximity to the roadway and possibility of a car veering off the highway and hitting the outcropping head on seems like a fatality/lawsuit waiting to happen. Realizing there are other areas of rock adjacent to local interstates without guardrail, but they tend to be parallel to road and not jutting out as much.
    Yes, there is still guard rail to be installed on the I-64 widening project. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    I have some questions for the City of St. Louis Traffic Department.
    1. Heading NB Kingshighway approach Vandeventer; you get a right turn arrow when WB Vandeventer Traffic is making a left turn. When that phase has exited. NB Kingshighway gets a green. Can you tell me why the green arrow does not come on with the NB Kingshighway green?
    2. Regarding all the construction work on city streets. Can you tell me why there is so little advance work zone signage for this projects? I’ve been on numerous routes and you do not know there is construction going on until you see a traffic cone or a city vehicle blocking the road? How can this be safe for both the employees and the traveling public. On State Routes there is adequate signage; why can’t this be implemented ion the local side?
    3. When is the vehicle detection is going to be fixed at the Scott Ave intersection? There are backups due to this signal that continue through the I-64 Signal. How can you continue to not even reduce the amount of time on the side street during the PM rush?
    1. The NB right arrow does come up with the WB movement. I'd have to check, but I thought perhaps the SB left turn was once allowed on both green ball and green arrow (now it is just on green arrow) - which would not allow the opposing NB right turn to be allowed on green arrow. Regardless, the NB right turn movement is allowed while NB through traffic is being serviced by the green ball indication. 2. Construction projects in areas that are static or dynamic in nature require particular traffic control treatment consistent with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and local practice. Without knowing the exact location you are talking about it is hard to answer regarding the advance signage locations for the work area. Please let us know where you are concerned about. 3. In previous chats I have indicated that the detection at Jefferson and Scott will be repaired in November. I will follow up with the chat community once it has been completed.
    I notified our streets division to look at the situation. I'm glad it has improved!
    Is there a chance to get the lights on Chippewa west from Jamieson synchronized? It's the ones at Creighton and Mackenzie that are messed up. I only notice it westbound, not matter what time of day. Eastbound seems to run OK.
    Any estimated date for opening the EB on-ramp to I-64 just before Mason?
    I apologize if this has been addressed/I missed it, but - I'd like an update regarding the complaints by myself and others about the poor, utility work patch-related condition of the right N-bound of Kingshighway between the Christy merge and Chippewa. has it been inspected? Are improvements planned? Thanks.
    On WB Forest Park Ave at Sarah Street, the light to turn left/south on Sarah is not working ideally. You must sit through 3 lights to turn, 1 to wait, 2 for the light to detect you, and 3 to actually have an arrow given. This is leading to traffic to do u-turns later on and some people running the light. Is there a way you can look at this sensitivity or even determine if it might qualify for a green solid/yellow flashing arrow?
    There is final paving to occur once the work in the areas have been completed that will provide a smoother experience through it.
    Thanks for the information regarding the light at Creighton and Chippewa. Isn't there anything that be done as a temporary fix until you can get the lights in sync with Jamieson and Mackenzie? It seems like a waste of gas getting stopped at that light only to get stopped at Mackenzie. Can the green light for the people exiting the shopping center at Creighton be when the people at Jamieson have a red light? Is it really that difficult to coordinate them better?
    We will see what our traffic engineers can do to make this better until a permanent solution can be made.
    The standing water at 141 and 364 - do these ponds get sprayed for mosquitos - are they ever drained - the water gets a little ripe at times
    I've mentioned NB Kingshighway between Christy and Chippewa on at least three previous chats and nothing has ever been done about it. Each time, it's the same answer, "Our streets division will follow up with the contractor on your concerns." This rough pavement is from utility work completed YEARS ago, and is now compounded by new work. Nobody rides the right-hand, northbound lane because of it. I've asked Mr. Runde to drive that stretch in his OWN car (not one owned by the City - because I don't want my tax $$$ going to fix a car that will be damaged by the shoddy workmanship that my $$$ are already paying for).
    I have passed it along to our signal team to check out. You can always share this information with our customer service team 24/7 at 275-1500. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
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