Ask the Road Crew

Summer's in full swing, which means no school buses but lots of orange cones. Ask the MoDOT, St. Louis and St. Louis County road crew all your commuting questions during the weekly chat on Wednesday, June 22, at 1 p.m.

    A few weeks ago, we had a question about putting flashing yellow arrows at Sappington and Gravois. Both eastbound and westbound left turns are not angled correctly to be able to safely allow people to make permissive left turns at that intersection. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications.
    I believe the city of St. Peters owns the Mexico/Meugge intersection -- they made some recent changes in conjunction with some development work. MoDOT owns the roadway over I-70 (basically between the two outer roads). We don't have any improvements planned for that area at this time. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    The contract by which the suspect hillside will be stabilized is signed, and we're meeting with our contractor tomorrow morning to establish a schedule. (We estimate that the job will take 30 days.) Clearly, the sooner we complete this project, the better. Ideally, work would commence next week, but I can't offer any guarantees on that until after tomorrow's meeting. We'll issue a press release on the subject once a 'start' date has been fixed. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    I would like to follow up on previous chats related to northbound traffic signal coordination on McCausland/Skinker between the closely spaced signals at Clayton Rd/I-46 and Oakland Ave. In review, it was reported that the predominate flow of northbound traffic during the morning rush was now being stopped at the Clayton Rd/I-64 immediately after being released from Oakland Ave while this condition hadn't previously occurred. I described our process for troubleshooting signal timing as first verifying communications to the signal (necessary to ensure both signals share the same time of day - it was offline and communications were fixed), secondly confirming that the vehicle and pedestrian detection equipment was operating correctly (signals are timed assuming equipment is operating correctly - this was confirmed to be working), and lastly to revisit signal timing settings. The first two steps need to occur as any timing changes made in last step would be a moving target without correcting them first. In step 3 of our troubleshooting, we made a series of incremental adjustments to signal timing this morning at the two signals. We will continue to observe the morning rush to see if the timing changes hold up over the typical daily demands.
    No problem at all - what side of Hampton are you on while observing this?
    STL City - There is a pavement swell in the middle lane of southbound Kingshighway at McKree Ave by the QuikTrip. It is significant enough to cause wheel damage and needs to be ground down. Thank you.
    I have informed our crews and they are being dispatched to field verify this. Thanks for the heads up!
    Those detours are correct -- we had to remove turn lanes to get two lanes in each direction, so drivers are not supposed to turn left from Grand onto the interstate on either direction (NB Grand to WB I-44 and SB Grand to EB I-44) -- at least without significantly delaying through traffic. For now, drivers can turn right. We are using Jefferson, primarily, as the detour for both directions as it works better and more safely -- we know that drivers who are familiar with the city can choose other routes for detours. The Chouteau/Vandeventer signal is being coordinated with the signal at I-64/Papin (which is very close) around the clock currently. The complete time to complete the signal cycle is two minutes. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Correct, we did order vehicle detection equipment. We are anticipating the delivery in a few weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience, we'll get it fixed immediately once we get the parts. Thanks!
    When a developer does a project, they are responsible for making the changes necessary to the roadway system needed to move traffic in and out -- it would not be correct for taxpayers to foot the bill for changes needed for a developer's project. We work with them on the plans, we issue the permit to them to work on our roadway (just like any other organization can apply for a permit to work on the roadway.) However, since they are responsible for making the changes, we cannot go in and arbitrarily make changes to their equipment. We can pass along concerns to the developer, and if they are unresponsive, pull the permit. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    What on earth is going on with the bridge resurfacing project on 44? When I drive by in the morning I see at most three people working on each bridge, then when I drive home at night around 4:30 there is typically nobody there. Weekends the place is a ghost town. Considering how many drivers are impacted by this project why is the work being done so incredibly slow?
    Mr. Runde: I think it's been brought up before, but the condition of the right N-bound lane of Kingshighway between Devonshire and Chippewa is quite poor - a result of numerous utility excavations (mostly Laclede Gas). As a result, drivers "wise to it" want to concentrate in the left one, leaving a choice between getting in an overly-congested lane (and needlessly missing a light), or letting vour vehicle's suspension be battered by driving in it. I've seen it stated here repeatedly that utilities are required to retun a street's surface to "proper condition" after work, but driving over what seems like one railroad crossing after another for blocks hardly seems to qualify!
    This came up in a previous chat and our engineers are investigating this issue. Thanks for the detailed explanation as that helps us troubleshoot.
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