Ask the Road Crew

Is driving downtown driving you crazy? Maybe you've got the I-270 blues? Ask our experts from MoDot, St. Louis and St. Louis County all your commuting questions during the weekly Road Crew chat on Wednesday, April 27 at 1 p.m.

    Getting arterials paved is a high priority City. We have made several attempts at funding, federal grants, state amendments, and we will continue our efforts.
    I will have one of our traffic engineers check the visibility of the left only on arrow sign at Hampton and Wilson and enhanced or supplemented if needed and defer to MoDOT about your concern about I-44 construction.
    Quick note before my questions about others who "don't see cyclists in the bike lanes". I'm there, everyday! Chouteau, Arsenal, Tower Grove, Chippewa streets, and more. Please keep your eyes open for me and my friends, we're there! Thanks for those lanes. As a driver and a cyclist, I like them.

    Now my questions. Who is responsible for re-painting Barnes Jewish Plaza between Kingshwy and Euclid? After some recent repairs, it wasn't restriped. Right now it's hard to tell if the east or west bound lanes are single or double, the yellow and white lines are reversed and during busy times it gets random.

    And on at the top of the exit from eastbound I-64 to Jefferson -- sometimes when the southbound Jefferson lane backs up cars will make a right turn to go south from the northbound ramp lanes. Is this OK to do? I keep seeing it so not sure.

    And is there any way to reinforce the No Right On Red from southbound Grand to westbound Arsenal, or the need for cars to stop before the pedestrian crossing? I cross that a few times a day as a cyclist, runner, and/or dog walker and quite often me and other pedestrians dash out of the way of a car that drifts into the ped crossing with a driver looking left instead to see if they can just Yield instead of Stop.

    I thought the lights at Lindbergh and Chaminade were fixed but last night I was stopped twice. I turned from Ladue Rd. and could see the light was already red. It didn't change until I was already stopped. This was at 8:50 pm. On my return trip at 10:15 pm the same thing happened but I was heading North. Could they be out of sync again?
    I see water on the road everyday at 10520 Old Olive. Is there a broken pipe there?
    I see that Hwy 94 East in Warren County is getting a little, and i do mean little wider. Why not increase the width of the shoulders to 6-8 feet now and save lives and future increased cost now? Is MoDOT not thinking ahead? Also why was just a pile of rock poured on the slope failure there? That's not going to hold squat. Beams/wall bury'ed into ground looked like that would be better options. Beginning to think rural areas getting short shaft from MoDOT.
    This is a little out of our area, so I have asked the people who are overseeing this work to see if they can shed some light on your concerns. If I hear back from them I will share what I have found out. If it isn't this week, it should be next week. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    S. Eatherton remains closed because we're extremely concerned about the potential for additional failures of the hill you reference. In such a scenario, large quantities of earth could very well topple onto the pavement - into which an unsuspecting driver could collide. We understand your frustration with the situation, but in our professional opinion, this is a life-safety issue that requires a substantive 'fix.' We recently received bids on a project designed to stabilize the hill, and are currently reviewing them. Once a contractor has been chosen, and a contract awarded and signed, work will begin. We are still optimistic that S. Eatherton will be reopened by late May or early June. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    Metro has closed the Civic Center Transit Center while it's being rebuilt. Can the City look at the signal at Spruce and 14th and adjusting the timing accordingly since buses and the associated pedestrians are not present in that area at this time? It could be a good time to revisit the no right on red signs as well.
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