Ask the Road Crew

Ask the Road Crew

Is your route to work giving you a headache because of potholes, poorly timed lights or street construction? Let the experts know, and ask them your questions about highways and roads. The live chat starts at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

    Another Arsenal Street problem is at Jefferson Avenue. Jefferson gets a lot of green time whether traffic is present, or not. The extended green time for Jefferson, combined with a short green light for Arsenal causes traffic to back up on both sides of Arsenal.

    If not for left turns, the green time for Arsenal would be sufficient. But with no dedicated left turn lanes for Arsenal, this intersection is a nightmare. Can Arsenal have some time added to it's green light? Another idea is to prohibit left turns during peak times.
    Our traffic engineers will take a look at this location.  Is there a particular time of day that you have observed this as being an issue more than the others?
    With the popularity of Cherokee St businesses, the intersection of Arsenal and Lemp streets has become a problem, for westbound Arsenal. First, take the southbound traffic exiting off of I-55 and trying to merge into Arsenal. Add in a bustling service station. Third is the number of cars turning left onto southbound Lemp.

    The traffic light gives way too much green time to Lemp. It would alleviate problems if you could shave some time from Lemp.
    Our traffic engineers can revisit this intersection as we've already adjusted this signal several times due to the activity that you have noted traveling between I-55 and west of the highway.
    I asked a month ago about the rationale to demolish and replace the pedestrian bridge on I-70 at St. Louis Avenue that connects crumbing buildings and vacant school with an industrial area, yet demolish and not replace the pedestrian bridge on I-55 at Reavis Barracks Rd. that connects two residential areas. I was promised a follow-up, but none appeared. I would love to be missing something obvious, but this smells bad. How can the public trust you with much larger projects, support a dedicated gas tax, and have confidence that your agency is making the best decisions?
    It's really all about usage.  We do visual surveys to see if pedestrians use the bridge; in addition, we typically have placed postage-paid cards and requested people to let us know if they are using the bridge.  We did that with both the bridge on I-70 and the bridge at I-55.  We got no returns from any individuals using the I-55 bridge from the postcard.  During our visual survey (which lasted about a week), we had one individual use the bridge.  We currently have the bridge closed (as it is unsafe to cross) and we have asked individuals to let us know if they used it (and were unable to do so as we had it closed).  We have not gotten anything from any customers who use the bridge over I-55.  When we did the same for the bridge at I-55, we saw a significant use during our visual survey and got a fairly significant return from the postage-paid cards.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    During morning rush, the lights at the intersection of Watson, Geyer and the I-44 on/off ramps, the light for southbound Geyer is too short. Every other direction has plenty of timing to completely clear the stopped traffic during the cycle, but the southbound Geyer light often backs up and has cars, specifically turning West on Watson, waiting for multiple lights (often 3 or 4 cycles).Can this please be adjusted? Thanks.
    I've asked our traffic engineer to take a look at this signal and see if they can make any timing improvements during the morning rush. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • The left turn lane heading west at Mason Road and Olive is very rough and has been in need of repair for several years. Could this lane be looked at.
  • We have a project planned to do roadwork along Olive in this area in about two years. I've asked our maintenance team to check this and see if the issue is in the area the state maintains, and see what they can do.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communciations
  • Will the intersection of Litzinger and Lindbergh have loop detectors for traffic on Litzinger? Currently the signals cycle 24/7 and turns red for Lindbergh even when there's no traffic on Litzinger. The developers of the new construction should have had to upgrade the traffic signals at this intersection. The traffic is a mess at various times of the morning and evening even though the center isn't open yet.
  • Litzinger is set to get detection as a part of the work underway at Lindbergh and Litzinger.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Resurfacing is about finished from Manchester Rd to Highway 64. What is up with what looks like a concrete planter box in the middle of Big Bend at Lyndover Place. It is right in the way. There has already been a large truck that has hit it and now it now needs repair. Seems like a bad place for it as you cannot see it as you are heading southbound due to the hill at the 7-11.
  • The structure on Big Bend will in fact be a concrete planting box. We're installing it at the request of the City of Maplewood. The city will be responsible for maintaining the structure. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • This is for the county/state: where a state route passes through a municipality - in this case, 366/Watson through Shrewsbury - which gets to determine how the signals operate?

    The signals that service the entrances to Mackenzie Pointe and Kenrick Plaza seem to be set up so the bulk of Watson traffic - in both directions - is forced to travel mostly "station-to-station" (it's not uncommon to hit a red - or clogged traffic - at 2 or all 3 during weekday afternoon driving): add that to the StL city-limits signal frequently being "out of step" with the Mackenzie Rd one, and there's a lot of needless sitting around for the majority of through vehicles .

    If the state has control, it should make Watson traffic flow the priority - Shrewsbury's wishes aside: their PD can set up on Watson and ticket speeders as they see fit - without making law-abiding drivers sit around as a "group punishment".

  • Typically, the state sets the timing on most of the signals along its routes;  there are a few exceptions where the county sets the timing;  Signals are timed to give the roadway with the most traffic the most time (which is why we ask for direction and time of issue when someone raises a concern about signal timing). If you are traveling against the rush hour traffic, you will wait at more signals. In addition, signals are timed for the speed limit of the corridor.  If you travel above the posted speed limit, you will also stop at more signals. Finally, signals where there are pedestrian facilities and no push buttons to activate those facilities do have to make sure that any pedestrians have an opportunity to cross. Municipalities do significantly contribute to setting the established speed limit through their areas -- usually through ordinance; however, we do share information from traffic studies and analysis of the roadway to advise them on the best speed limit based on the roadway conditions.    In this case, since the intersections are so close, and the traffic at 366/McKenzie is so heavy, the signals between Mackenzie and Trianon Parkway run free (they don't use vehicle detection). I have asked our traffic team to take a look at your concern to see if they can make any improvements.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Hello - Seems like I read that there would be an exit added to Highway 364 between highway K and Mid Rivers? Can you discuss?
  • Here's some information on that:

    Gutermuth Road/Route 364 Interchange | St Charles County, MO - Official Website

    Learn more about the Gutermuth Road/Route 364 Interchange project
    Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Any plans to repair or resurface 370 between 270 and the Missouri River?
  • Yes, we have a resurfacing project set for next year.  Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • When will the steel plates on Hanley Road between Hwy 270 and Latty be removed and the roadway repaired by the utility Contractor? When will the steel plates on South Kingshighway between Manchester and Hwy 44 be removed? Finally, When will the sensor loops at Patterson and Mullanphy be repaired and the light quit Ghosting at 4am?
  • I'll have to check with our Construction and Signals groups for information on the steel plates on Hanley and malfunctioning sensor on Patterson. I'll post an answer next week. David Wrone, St. Louis County
    Can you please update us on the 44/Kingshighway/Vandeventer/etc bridge reconstruction? There has been minimal, if any, activity there for quite some time. Also, is the north, main support on the new 44 bridge over Kingshighway typical of the construction quality on this project? Has anyone from MoDot inspected that? Thank you.
    We are still on track to have the westbound lanes open by December on that project.  We have inspectors out daily to make sure that the project is being constructed according to the plans and specifications set out for the contractor by the design.  If something does not meet the specifications/standards, the contractor needs to fix it before we accept the project as complete.  In this case, the design had too much reinforcing steel in the column for the concrete to adhere correctly.  We are working to remedy that; however it is purely an aesthetic issue and doesn't impact the bridge structure at all. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
    Reading all about the new soccer stadium and then the new government facility in North St Louis... what are your plans for Jefferson and 40?? At the evening rush hour it’s a mess headed southbound. It takes over 10 minutes to go from Market south to Manchester. And it seems like the State nor the City care to try to fix it.
    We are working through the design for a project at I-64 and 22nd Street/Jefferson currently. You can see details here:

    I-64 at Jefferson Interchange | Missouri Department of Transportation. We coordinate the movement of traffic off the interstate onto Jefferson with the city, who maintains Jefferson. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications.

  • At one time the traffic signals at Clayton Rd./northbound McCausland and Clayton Ave/Skinker were synchronized in the morning rush that the lights would turn green at Clayton Ave for several seconds before the green light at Clayton Rd/McCausland. Can they be synchronized that way again? It would definitely help the morning traffic. Thanks.
  • I'll forward this to our signals group, and will post an answer in a future Road Crew. David Wrone, St. Louis County
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