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There's probably no secret shortcut for your daily commute, but the Road Crew can offer other help with information about construction, roundabouts and much more in the weekly chat on Wednesday, Oct. 12, at 1 p.m. Join our experts from MoDOT, St. Louis and St Louis County.

  • A couple of notes before we get started: St. Louis County PD is planning to close one lane in each direction on Gravois in Affton tonight between 4-9 p.m. for the visitation for Officer Blake Snyder. Drivers who use that stretch of Gravois for their evening commute may want to consider an alternate route.
    Also, tomorrow, St. Louis County Police and Chesterfield Police will close several St. Louis roadways Thursday, October 13, as a part of the funeral procession for Officer Blake Snyder. Portions of Interstates 64 and 270, as well as Route 367 in Missouri could be closed for up to a half hour between noon and 2 p.m. for the funeral procession. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I see that Page Ave is being repaved with an overlay of asphalt. It just recently had been scraped of the old pavement and repaved. It seemed to be in good shape overall except where utility work had been done. Why is it getting another repaving? Not that I am complaining!! It just seems other roads in the area could have used a repaving more.
  • The overlay on Page was preventative maintenance -- it was a thin overlay that will help keep the driving surface in good condition for a few more years. The last time we did any significant resurfacing work along that stretch of Page was about 2005. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • This morning it took almost 10 minutes to go eastbound on Olive between Creve Coeur Mill Road and Fee Fee. It looks like the new signals at Fee Fee were operational but not timed correctly. I noticed a few was giving the Fee Fee traffic a long green light even though there were no cars on Fee Fee. Also, when it gave the Eastbound Olive traffic a green arrow to turn onto Fee Fee, once the green light went away, the entire stack of lights was took 30-45 seconds before the blinking arrow came on. Before bringing signals online, shouldn't they have been tested to make sure everything works properly? How long until the lights at Fee Fee and Olive are synced with the other lights along Olive? Normally it only takes 2 minutes to go from Creve Coeur Mill to Fee Fee. Thanks
  • I have passed it on to our construction team to pass to our contractor to update. The signal is still under the contractor's control until the project is complete. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • This comment regards the left turn signal from WB Lafayette to the SB I55 ramp at Truman Parkway. During off peak times the left turn cycle is too short: only four cars will get through per cycle, even less if someone is not paying attention. It's annoying when, around lunch, you're number 12 in line and have wait for three cycles to get to the interstate. Meanwhile, the very light and sometimes nonexistent through traffic on Lafayette has loads more green time. As opposed to adjusting the signal timing, you could make this movement a yielding left turn since it does meet MODOT's super conservative policy of turning across two or less lanes of traffic--the line of sight extends past Mississippi Avenue so that isn't an issue either. Please help move traffic from WB Lafayette to SB I55. Thanks.
  • Thanks for the information. We looked at it today and made some adjustments to the signal timing at mid-day and peak periods. They will take a look at the intersection to see if it may be appropriate for a flashing yellow arrow for that movement. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • It seems like every time there is a fatal crash on a freeway, the road is closed for several hours for "accident reconstruction". What is that information used for? Hopefully, to learn what caused the crash and to make that part of the highway safer. If not, and there is no criminal activity involved, why not just clear the highway and file the police reports at the station? (There seems to be a disconnect between how fatal and non-fatal crashes are investigated, even though the underlying causes are likely very similar.)
  • Accident reconstruction is a law enforcement process, not a department of transportation process. Typically, the reconstruction is used to determine liability or possible criminal activity. For more info on the procedure and the requirements, you should probably contact your local law enforcement agency, or the Missouri State Highway Patrol. We do take a look at crash reports, especially those with serious injuries or fatalities, for areas where we may be able to help increase safety during maintenance or construction projects. It would be great to have no fatalities on our roadway -- that's why we make what changes we can (while considering available resources) and remind drivers to avoid distractions, slow down (especially in work zones) and wear their seat belts. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • I'll have our signals group investigate. Thanks for the heads up. David Wrone, St. Louis County
  • Hello! Thanks for doing these weekly chats, the discussion and information is always appreciated. I wanted to ask about traffic on South Hanley recently. In the evenings, traffic has suddenly been backing up from Maplewood Commons almost to Clayton at times, even well past the usual peak traffic times - past 6 or 6:30 even. It appears the traffic originates with the timing of the relatively new light at Elinor (QT/HomeDepot/Menards intersection) which backs traffic up through the overpass on I-64 and up towards Clayton. Could an engineer investigate?
  • The planter and concrete riser for the planter are STILL in the middle of the intersection of Louisiana and Osecola. While the stop signs help, I still do not trust drivers at that intersection making left turns. Since the barrier is still there they should go around it. Many drivers don't and some, like buses and fire trucks can't. Can that please be removed before snow flies and there are more people running into it? The yellow reflective paint doesn't help if you're in a skid.
  • We will look at the removal of this object from the intersection of Louisiana & Osceola.
  • Kingshighway between Page and Lindell has narrow lanes and heavy traffic. The speed limit, not enforced, is 35mph. Speeds of up to 113mph have been recorded near Waterman and traffic signals are ignored.

    Lindell between Skinker and Kingshighway has wide lanes and light traffic, The speed limit, viciously enforced, is 25mph.

    Could you explain the disparity in the speed limits and the enforcement intensity?
  • The speed limits are set by the type of roadway classification (arterials, collectors, local/residential, etc) and by the physical characteristics of each. Enforcement of speed is another arm of the City and is not feasible on a 24/7 basis.
  • This comment is for Mr. Runde. I have written in the past regarding the intersection of Lafayette & Mississippi, which was recently repaved, restriped, and improved with ADA crosswalks. I have, multiple times, expressed concern that there was no crosswalk on the west side of Mississippi to cross Lafayette. First I was told that ADA ramps are required for a crosswalk to be installed (ADA ramps were in place but still no crosswalk). Mr. Runde then said this would be addressed with the NEW ramps and striping. This was NOT addressed and in fact was actually made worse by removing one of the ADA ramps which could have been used as justification for the crosswalk. With a park on one corner and a school on the other, there is just no reason for a crosswalk to be excluded from one leg of this intersection. People are crossing there constantly, but they have no crosswalk to do so!
  • It was determined that it was not appropriate to add a crossing on the west side of this intersection due to concerns for pedestrian safety. Specifically, we were not comfortable that by adding the new curb ramps and crosswalk striping on that leg that we would be providing a safe crossing by simply doing so. That would be an approximately 90-100 ft skewed/angled crosswalk from the northwest to southwest quadrants of the intersection across multiple lanes. In lieu of doing that we upgraded the other 3 legs that we felt were going to be safe crossings. While there isn't 4 separate crossings, there is still connectivity via 3 safe paths.
  • We will have our signal folks take a look!
  • The light for NB McCausland on the SE corner was facing the wrong way Saturday. Forgot to report it earlier so I don't know if it's still an issue, but thought I should say something today! Thanks.
  • This is the second time I've asked for something to be done to McKenzie Rd. at Hegge!

    The southbound lanes (center) has been a rough mess for three months! Dangerous!
    The county tells me that that is highway "P" and the state is responsible for correcting the problem. NOTHING was done after I notified you the last time.
  • I've passed it along to our team to take a look at -- however, if this was due to a water main break, the water company is responsible for restoring the driving surface. It can take them a while to award a contract to put a permanent patch on the roadway after ensuring the system is operating correctly and there are no further breaks in their lines. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • Southbound Lindbergh Blvd at the on ramp to westbound 44, because of the DO NOT DRIVE ON SHOULDER igns, many motorists that could easily enter the ramp are stuck behind vehicles going straight through the signal. Could that southbound right turn lane please be extended to allow cars further back move into this lane to exit 44.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot extend that right turn lane without significantly changing the entrance to St. John Vianney . That would drastically restrict the entrance to the church and school. In addition, we would have to make significant improvements to the shoulders in that area to handle the traffic. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Commmunications
  • I have an issue with the Hampton SB light at Oakland. The light on the island is a 5 light signal; a yielding arrow configuration. However, it seems to be operating like a dedicated signal. If SB Hampton has a green but the arrow is off, the lights conflict, as seen in google street view ( You can't have this! It's confusing for drivers whether they can go or not depending on the signal they see and it doesn't tell a driver whether they can turn left on a red or not. I have never seen this before and if I drove the area more often, I would have brought it up sooner as I'm sure it's existed since I-64 was redone. Can you do something about it? Thanks!
  • The SB left turn operates off of the 5-section signal head from their own turn lane. The SB through traffic operates off of the 3-section signal heads that mounted over over the through lanes. There is not a conflict between the two. Often a 5-section head has the left turn movement allowed to turn during the green ball indication concurrent with the adjacent through traffic (permissive movement) as well as during the left turn arrow (protected).
  • Traffic detection questions for the city:
    How much longer do we have to wait for the equipment on order for proper detection at Lansdowne and River Des Pere?
    Should 1900 Hampton be getting a signal at 11pm on a Sunday night? After it got a green signal, for no cars, SB Hampton got a green arrow into 1900 Hampton, for no cars.
    Hampton at Arsenal. Again, at 11pm, Arsenal got a green in both directions (first WB, then EB) for no cars waiting.
    If those intersections have detection, they're seemingly broken. Can you please take a look if so? Thank you!
  • The City is receiving new equipment in November that will allow us to add and repair vehicle detection locations in various locations such as this. The intersection of Lansdowne & RDP is on the list from prior chats along with Jefferson & Scott, Kingshighway & Sutherland, etc. The 1900 Hampton Ave signal will also get new vehicle detection which should provide for more efficient operation during all times of day - especially late night.
  • Your answer to the south bound Lindbergh makes no sense as the School has 3-4 OTHER entrance/exits which are easily visible on google Earth and Easily accessible to the facility, and should not really be entering/exiting that close to the intersection, and the shoulders in this area are CONCRETE, and already being driven on by vehicle entering/exiting the facility there. It is frustrating to be sitting one or 2 car lengths north of that intersection with through traffic blocking you from easily going over to enter the highway and not have to sit through sometimes 4-5 minutes of congestion.
  • There is much more to it then simply changing the entrance; however, we also cannot take away access that an organization currently has to the roadway system without them agreeing to it. And, though the shoulders may appear to be sturdy enough to handle constant traffic, the shoulders would still need improvements to be able to be used continuously, instead of occasionally at St. John Vianney. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • The entrance would need no modification as there are already stop bars before the intersection, where exiting traffic from that facility is supposed to be stopping, which they don't, instead creeping out into traffic and causing additional congestion with vehicles stopping to let them merge in and slowing up the southbound flow even more, and as for the shoulders, I routinely see BUSES using these same shoulders, which I am guessing weigh far more than the average car does, so should in essence be causing far more damage than the cars would for an additional 100 feet or so of extra right turn lane.
  • The right turn lane currently extends to the entrance to St. John Vianney -- the only direct entrance to the organization from a state roadway. To extend the right turn lane for the interstate further, we would have to make the entrance to St. John Vianney right in, right out -- so people could not turn from it to northbound Lindbergh or turn onto northbound Lindbergh from the driveway. To make the entrance right in, right out, we would have to extend the median island further to the north. To change the full access that St. John Vianney currently has to right in, right out, we would have to get the school and the church to agree to it. No vehicle should be using the shoulders to get around through traffic or to avoid congestion. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
  • The light that was facing the wrong way was NB McCausland at I-64. The cross was probably important to note and I failed!
  • This one may be ours -- I've asked our team to take a look at it to see. Andrew Gates, MoDOT Communications
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